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Birds Falling From The Sky
Birds Falling From The Sky

Birds Falling From The Sky


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Eighteen

Just for a moment let’s imagine how one of those unfortunate creatures we were watching, a gull or a crow, becomes sick because of humankind’s carelessness. When it falls from the sky and takes its last breath, what is likely to happen? Its siblings will come and take care of the deceased, in the way that is normal for this particular part of Mother Earth’s animal kingdom. They will eat it, because that is how they dispose of bodies that are no longer needed and wanted any more. As our Creator intended them to work in this manner, there really is nothing disgusting about this process. Quite truthfully, aren’t we by far the most disgusting creatures on this beautiful planet who leave their mess behind everywhere? If we were not, there would be no need for any of our birds to become an endangered species, when all they are doing is tidying up after us.

How many birds shall we say could arrive to partake in any one of those deadly feasts that has been our doing? The creatures have no way of establishing that those who once were their companions should be left alone, because their mortal remains have a lethal dose of something nasty inside them. Let us assume that first ten birds arrive to feast on such a carcass, even though there could be more. After a while, each one of them becomes sick and also falls from the sky! They in turn are going to attract another ten or so. Do you shudder, as I do, when you think how rapidly some deadly diseases could spread in this manner and how long it would take to affect other lifeforms involved in their food chain? According to God’s laws, everything has to return to its source. That’s why any scourge that was created by us, never by God and the Angels, has to return to and rebound on us, the human race.

I have no intention of indulging in scaremongering, but it takes very little imagination to recognise that a modern version of the Bubonic Plague could be coming towards us, only seemingly out of nowhere. And there is another aspect that has to be considered. Whatever we create by action or non–action, all of us have to live with every bit of their consequences. If we are crazy enough not to take drastic steps to put things right now, only one of the consequences of our carelessness could be the wiping out of our whole bird population out and through this disturbing nature’s delicate balance irreparably.

And if there were no birds left on Earth, all edible matter would rapidly be devoured by the insect world. Every leaf and blade of grass would disappear. It does not take all fingers of one hand, to count the number of days the human race could survive such a disaster. Do we really want to wait until our birds fall from the sky in whole flocks, before we realise how precious and valuable every creature is for the healthy functioning of our world, and how urgently issues like the one before us demand our attention?

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25 Feb, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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