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Black Frost
Black Frost

Black Frost

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I remember the last spring.
It was 18 years ago.
Ever since it's been cold. Freezing. Harsh.
All I wanted to scream was "We did it! We finally did it! We destroyed our planet!"
I don't understand how people are so ignorant. Or not even ignorant. They choose not to care because this problem was so big that we just didn't want to face it.
Couldn't you take the hints? The increase of the sea levels, the hurricanes and droughts, and floods that keeps happening everywhere? The thousands of species now extinct? That we are creating the end of our species? Of our planet?
How could you be so blind to not be able to watch and learn? Are we just going to sit there and let everything fall apart around us? Are we just going to let everything down? Everything that humanity has worked for, we're just going to drop it?
And we can't escape it. We only have so much time, so many resources, and now we're just using and destroying. What have we become?
And now its only winter. I don't even remember the last time I saw the sun. It's always frozen and obscure outside. And the hurricane is coming. I can hear the howling in the distance.
We can't just let this go. Future generations. Our children. Our future. Are we going to waste our everything? Are we just going to spend the Earth now like its a simple purse? Do people not know the consequences?
We have become the thing we promised to destroy. Is there even a chance of going back now? Can we even redeem ourselves?
I think its too late. And we're too slow.

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20 Nov, 2019
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