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3:02 am.
The ceiling of my bedroom had become increasingly boring.
My eyes squinted through the darkness. I followed the lines of the old wood, tracing the cracks in supporting beams. Thin, silver spiderwebs hung from the planks, lighting up in the dark whenever a car passed by the window, shining through the oak fence in thin, long slits. Small dust particles wandered aimlessly in the static air, hanging like lifeless stars.
My chest felt heavy with nothing. My ribcage glued me to the thin mattress which I refused to call a bed. My left hand twitched. I longed for a hot, steamy cup of coffee.
“C’mon,” I muttered to myself. Swinging my legs and righting myself up seemed like a harder task by the second. Ants were crawling up my right foot, threatening to swallow my entire leg.
I groaned. Stretching my muscles, I finally pushed myself up, supporting my upper body with an elbow against the wall. Pulling my legs from under my sheets, I sat up straight and stood onto my hardwood floor.
Pulling on a pair of skimpy biker shorts that I was sure were going to snap around my thighs at any moment, I readjusted my beanie and turned towards the door. Second task: sneak out of my house without my parents noticing.
I guess that would be my specialty.
I pulled my door open just at the right speed so that it wouldn't make a squeak and walked down the hallway. My socks whispered against the floor as I slid my boots on, went through the side door, into the backyard.
The cold air felt amazing on my flushed face. Shoving my hands into my pockets, I ducked my head down and opened the backyard gate, closing it with a sharp metal screeching sound.
My eyes darted towards the upstairs master bedroom. The lights remained off. Before giving it much thought, I turned away.
The walk to the busiest street in downtown was short. I didn’t see any cars pass by, but I would be more suspicious if there were.
All the stores were closed, of course. The lamp posts poorly lit up the wide street. A couple flickered, as if they were struggling, momentarily plunging the ominous birch trees surrounding the main square into darkness. Small puddles collected by the sidewalk from the rain layed around the road like mines.
My breath came out in misty huffs, spraying the air in small white clouds. The cold air seemed to seep through my clothes, seep into my skin, leaking into my heart. I shuddered.
I kicked a loose piece of cement off the curb and launched it towards the middle of the street. It bounced a couple of times before landing into a craggly pothole. Sad. But I ambled on.
I walked a couple of more blocks to the east. My echoing footsteps sounded sinister to my own ears, the only sound that resonated through the air for what seemed like miles.
And I stopped.
Warm, golden light spilled onto my boots, creeping onto the sidewalk and into the road. The beam sliced right across my laces, exposing the overused fibers that were slowly coming undone near the tip of my shoe.
I glanced up. The light came from the all-too familiar brick building squeezed in between the tattoo shop and the jewelry store, much smaller and quaint than any other shop in downtown. Always overlooked by everyone, with vines growing on the left side of the wall, threatening to swallow it whole. And no one knew it was my saving grace.
The door creaked open by another inch, quivering to a stop as it hit an uneven patch of dirt. A long, lanky shadow appeared at the door, with long dark hair sticking out of a stained baseball cap.
“C’mon in,” Cason said, before turning around and heading back into the studio. The door shut with a loud clunk, the flimsy handle shaking as the door hit the frame, plunging me and the rest of the world back into the night.

Author Notes: here's a little excerpt of a story called "blue" i'm currently working on. thanks for reading :)

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27 Oct, 2020
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3 mins
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