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Kat_DickensKat Dickens

It was an ordinary day in my Indian village. I woke up to my mother calling for me outside of the wigwam I shared with my family. I saw that the sun was only beginning to rise over the mountains through the door flap. Even though it was early my village was buzzing with activity. From under my cozy fur blanket, I could hear the ladies grinding corn, and beating hides. The men getting ready for their morning hunt, and the shouts from the children playing.

As I rolled out of bed, I was greeted with a blast of chilly early spring air. I quickly pulled my warm deer skin dress over my head, and rushed outside. I knew better than to keep my mother waiting.

As I ducked throygh the flap, I saw my mother with two other people I did not recognize. An older lady, around my mother’s age, and a boy, around my age. I froze, knowing that they were here for something important, but not knowing what.

As if to answer my question, my mother said, “ Darling, you know that in a few moons you will be 18 seasons old.” Then I knew immediately what this was about, the awful topic that I dreaded and avoided as much as possible. Marriage!

My mother acted as if she could not see the look of distaste on my face. Because, she continued “Your father and I have decided that Jer would be a good fit for you.” I knew that my father had no say in things like this. My mother ran the house. I knew that I should not say anything, but her choosing my life just got me so mad! So I said in a low growl, “Why do I get to run my life? Why can’t I choose?” My mother's eyes narrowed, and her voice came out threatening, “You and me both know that is not how it works!” “But, Why?” I asked.

When I saw her take a step towards me, with her eyes clouded with anger. I fled, fearing the punishment I knew was coming. I could not believe that she was going to have me marry a stranger! I kept running until I was on the other side of the village. I slowed to a walk.

That when I heard a loud BOOM! It sounded like the earth had split open! Then a bunch of figures come out of the woods! Holding long shiny, metal sticks. I saw one of my village’s great war chiefs come out of the house to the right of me, following behind him was his wife and kids. Good he would fight off these intruders.

Then I saw one of the strange men point the end of their stick at the war chief. Then there was the same BOOM sound. Then the chief fell backwards with a worm size hole in his head! His wife screamed out in terror. I turned and ran away as fast as I could. I heard more BOOMS. Then the wife stopped screaming. I turned back to see what had happened to her, and I saw one of the strangers point their stick at me.


*Note: This story is fictional, but is based on a real envent*

Author Notes: Please rate and tell me what you think of it. Hope you like it!

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Kat Dickens
About This Story
15 May, 2020
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2 mins
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