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Bridges Between Heaven And Earth
Bridges Between Heaven And Earth

Bridges Between Heaven And Earth


Natural And Human-Made Disasters – Part K

Bridges Between Heaven And Earth

We are bridges between Heaven and Earth. Like those of the trees, our roots need to go deep down into the Earth, to draw from her all the nourishment and strength she is capable of giving. Our hands and arms are like branches for reaching high up into the Heavens, to bring down the blessing and healing rays of the Highest Sun and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Christ Star. Through the visible Sun in our sky it shines in every heart and soul. We are here to illuminate and warm, bless and heal everything that shares our world with us. Our loving respect and devotion for Mother Earth and Father Sun can do more than anything to enable the wise ones in the world of light to heal – through us – all parts of Creation back into the oneness they once came from.

Those who are here now, are allowed the rare privilege of welcoming and celebrating the conscious return to humankind of the gentle and infinite wisdom of the feminine, the Great Mother, the nurturer, through whom all life is given. No longer do we need to be orphans or semi-orphans, who only have a Father in Heaven, a metaphor for the highest levels of life. Both our Divine Parents are returning into the conscious awareness of our race. Ever more of us are beginning to understand that they are in us and with us, and that they will never leave us in all Eternity.

Our Mother, The Earth

Praise be to You, O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life.
Mother Earth is our sister, who carries us in kindness
And supports us with her strength.
Her beauty is a reflection of Your love
And we thank you for allowing us to share
In the abundance of her many gifts,
Like the trees, fruits, flowers and meadows.

Thank You, O Father/Mother,
For giving us firm ground to walk on,
Fruit that grows for us,
Flowers to please us,
And the shade of trees for resting beneath.

The Earth is Yours.
She is our home but for a time.
You have given her to us,
So that we should ‘build on her and care for her’.
(1 Moses 2, 15)
Thank You, beloved Father/Mother.

St. Francis of Assisi
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Healers And Healing’

* * *

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3 Dec, 2018
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