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Calm Earth
Calm Earth

Calm Earth


On a bright day in an old mystic forest, all was quiet as nature has always been. Birds chirp and sing their song in whispers of breezes swaying the top of tree canopies. Grass naturally soft and being home to insects that fly and crawl, bees pollinating wild flowers along with ants and beetles feeding on any impurity that sets down onto the ground. The forest has been blessed with strength and vitality never to become a victim of flood, fire or quake. But something happened, something that broke the bestowed blessing.

A grey dragon has invaded the world from the skies above soaring it’s large scaled wings briskly snapping trees by the gusts it made from it’s ravaged wings. Circling around the forest the dragon swirled the air above bringing clouds together, turning them dark and the air suddenly growing cold. With an unleash of an echoing strong cry the winds pushed the ground as the clouds poured out rain, hail and lightning. Flashes from the sky, trees of the old mystic forest could be seen being drowned with water and shredded by hail. Bolts of light strike down on the ground and scorching trees and starting a fire that would spread from world’s end to end.

Three hundred years the wicked dragon has stormed the forest and never stopped wanting victory. But it would be one tree that was persistent in not falling. Winds not knocking or stressing the foundation or branch, the floods not washing or disturbing it’s roots or soil surrounding, hail not shredding leaves, and fire not scorching it’s bark or burning a leaf. Finally, the dragon gave up after many uncontested times and fell down onto the worn and torn ground closing it’s large teal-blue eyes and lowered it’s head in defeat being weary and tired from all of it’s fight.

Days went by and the grey dragon layed not moving a muscle as the disasters it created went away cleaning the sky to be bright and blue again, but the damage it did was put in a clear view. So for the punishment of it’s doing to conquer the land, it was condemned to be buried under the surface for eternity bound by all the tree roots, grass, and soil. The tree that stood out in victory grew it’s roots to wrap and bind the dragon’s wings, limbs, and jaw, with the soil covered with thick inches encasing the dragon’s scaled body. The grass would be the final force keeping the soil connected and sealing the dragon off from the air and light above. The dragon would then be known as Earth.

For centuries the forest healed, growing back countless trees tall and round with a vast calvary of grass taking command of the ground. Taking form and becoming the beauty it once was, reserving water in large bodies known as oceans and seas and the hail that fell froze together becoming icebergs that were placed at the far ends of the world. Animals and insects populated the land and feasted on what was lent to them freely and graciously. As the world healed, so did Earth and it didn’t want to be buried forever.

When the lands calmed and animals fell silent, dragon Earth would try to break free. Groaning and shaking around, it wanted greatly to leave, but couldn’t. Days and nights Earth tried, but the roots, soil and grass held together only becoming stronger with every struggle and anger Earth gave.

One sunny day though, Earth gathered fury and rage, pushing and screaming it did, with every ounce it had, the binding of the roots held, but the soil began to shake and break apart. The world began to give a small quake. Still fierce, Earth continued to press against the will put against him and the tree roots became strained and broke. The grass that sealed the confines of the dragon split in two making a massive crack in the ground and the roar of the dragon rushed through the forests and reached out to distant lands not going out quietly. The lands violently shook, animals rushed to anywhere far from the dragon’s prison and the forest trees began to lose leaves and branches shook out any birds that were still in the area.

As the winds grew and clouds began to collide into dark forces blocking the sun and eating the light, land splitting into a gorge with the quake that Earth has created. Rising from the ground it was once trapped in, Earth rose not in a grey color anymore, but has turned into a light brown tone as dirt and tree bark after all the years it was buried. And with pride and glory in itself, Earth is greatly wanting to reign the world it has failed to conquer to avenge it’s loss by letting out all it had in little time. It’s body still wrapped by long twisting roots carried the tree and the grass was strung along the bottom of the dragon as it was being pulled from the ground.

Earth roared and screeched biding it’s energy, letting loose the terror of winds, a storm brewing above the old forest. But in the midst of the looming storm and the deafening harsh noises, a soft high-pitched tone sang in the air just behind. Surprised by the delicate sound, Earth turned around it’s massive head and neck to see sitting on a wide tree stump the forest guardian. The forest guardian’s name is Calm. She was brought to enchant the forest not by mystic power or blessings, but by her music. When the world seemed to be in distress, she would play her flute to calm the smallest of issues to the ones that are deemed to be unresolvable.

Calm sat on the tree stump in a blue draping dress playing a wooden flute, her hair long and dark brown with small bare tree branches antlering out, legs are tree roots and they spread far along the ground and Earth came closing in on her. Giving a snort and groan, Earth rumbled it’s anger inside holding the potential destruction it created at a pause. Calm’s melodic notes in the air of harsh feelings found their way into Earth’s ears. With high and low notes balanced out, Earth listened intently and extended it’s neck to reach its head right beside the forest guardian.

Holding back the storm, Earth rested its body onto the ground, receding the winds and brewing clouds letting sunlight take over once again. The world began to come quiet as the quake began to settle. A rabbit hopped in sitting next to Earth’s rooted foot and birds flew in landing on trees around Earth and Calm charmed by the notes of the flute just as Earth was. When the storm clouds subsided and the rough winds turned to a gentle breeze, Calm continued on, to please and soothe the dragon, until Earth’s teal-blue eyes fluttered to a close.

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About This Story
4 Dec, 2021
Read Time
5 mins
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