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It was during a late spring evening and with it came a heavy breeze. It was either the humidity or a warning sent by God. Alyssia and I along with several other officers were sent to look after the students and staff of the campus. It didn't help that the incident took place during a time Alyssia and I were at one another's throats. She gave me shit for not doing things for her and how bad of a friend, not to mention ex, I was. Yet, when the chief asked for volunteers I raised my hand anyway. I probably went with her out of fear that she would get hurt. I had wanted to prove that I cared for her. But, when I went to look for her later that evening an explosion went off and prevented me from getting to her. After hours of searching through debris, I found her lying among the slabs of concrete with several injuries. What she asked me when I found her was "why do you care?" Then I cradled her like you would a crying infant while waiting for paramedics. When they arrived I went with her to the hospital and sat by her side for days. Weeks. I was never apart from her. After everything that happened and even with all of my cuts and bruises, all I could think of was if she would make it. My good buddy Dale who was also her boyfriend had trusted me to watch over her, he made me promise to keep her safe. And I failed. She stirred in her bed and when I moved to her side and grasped her hand, she smiled. We talked, we both apologized, and then for the sake of the moment, she kissed me on the lips. I accepted it. My fear and love overtook my awkwardness and for one final time, we kissed.

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22 May, 2020
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