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Can't You Stay?

Can't You Stay?

By Kat - 2 Reviews

"Can't you stay?" She inquired, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I need you, I won't do it again, I promise!"

He looked at the ground, too tired to look at the girl who had taken up too much of his time. "No, I will not stay."

The girl clung onto his arm. "Wait! Say it to my face! Say you don't love me!"

The boy looked up confidently into those blue eyes he had once adored. The flawless skin he once loved. The worry in her eyes almost amused him. She might need him, but he definitly didn't need her.

She pleaded with her eyes, obviously begging for him to change his mind, to grow weak. She thinks that looking into her eyes would change his mind! It only made him more determined.

Staring into her cold, begging eyes made him want to puke. He had to get this over with. Slowly, he wet his lips. She watched, completely still, as he opened his mouth. Her eyes lit up for a moment, until he spoke.

"I do not love you, I do not need you, and I will not stay," he said calmly.

She broke away from his gaze. "What did I do?"

He shook his head and turned on his heel, ignoring the cries, the fake sorrow. He couldn't stand it. This was so stupid. They knew from the start they weren't right for each other.

And so he said goodbye. He knew that he had no more guilt, no more sadness. He would finally be happy - he would finally be free.

Author Notes: It's kind of a random selection. I like doing things out of order or throwing things in out of the blue.

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1 Jan, 2017
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