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chapter 1 and 2 of holding onto hope
chapter 1 and 2 of holding onto hope
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chapter 1 and 2 of holding onto hope

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Chapter 1 my home

I was running away. I couldn't stand my home anymore. I lived in a small, cheap apartment complex filled with horrible people. they drank, smoked, and did all sorts of obnoxious things. the place was filthy and often people sleeping in your bed. Inappropriate graffiti covered most, if not all of the concrete walls. there were asylum style beds and no locks on any of the doors. if you were lucky, an old rotting wood nightstand and a dirty mirror were placed in your room. You couldn't leave anything in your room without the risk of it getting stolen. No one really cared but me. I was always having to buy new locks for my rotting door so that people wouldn't come in without permission. eventually I stopped putting locks on my door because people would steal them and get inside and steal my belongings.

Chapter 2 the escape

I was running away through New York's Backstreets trying to get away safely and not get caught by the police or any suspicious strangers. The streets were often crowded or noisy even at 2:00am. New York never seemed to sleep or even take a short break. Past all the dumpsters and stray cats and dogs, past all of the restaurant's delicious smells I ran. Eventually I had to go out to a main road. I had run out of backstreets and alleyways. this was the main road and i had been planning this escape for months. Behind one of the overfilling green dumpsters was an old tattered grey backpack full of all of my belongings. I had left my blankets and pillow at my old home so they wouldn't know I left. At the old apartment there were 2 “guards”(it was just two lazy policemen)they made sure everyone that came there stayed there. I picked up the old backpack, pulled up my hood and turned a corner into the crowd.

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27 Jan, 2017
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