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By littlemermaid22

Theres nothing sadder than a childless couple. It breaks your heart roses them stretched out relaxing swimming pools in Florida, sitting all suntanned and miserable on the decks of their boats, trottling off to Europe like lonesome fools. Its an empty life. There nothing but more money to spend and plenty of time to enjoy it. 
The poor childless couple get so selfish and wrapped up in their own concerns that you feel sorry for them. They can't fight over a child's discipline, can't blame each other for their child's nauseous characteristics, and they miss all the fun of doing without for their child's sake. They go along from day to day - doing what they want buying what they want, and liking each other. That's a pretty pathetic picture.
Everyone should have children. No one should be allowed to escape the wonderful experience attached to each stage of development of the young, and it's happy memories - the "alert" nights, coughing spells, debts, diaper deliveries, "dipse" baby sitters, saturated mattresses, spilled food, tantrums, emergencies, and never ending crisises.
Then comes the real fulfillment as the child grows like a little acorn and becomes a real nut. The wonder of watching your overweight ballerina make a fool of herself in a leotard. The warm smile of a small lad with the sun glittering over $500 of braces, chomped to piece by peanut brittle. The rollicking stampede at a birthday party....
How dismally vacant is the peaceful home without the constant childish problems that make for the well rounded adult life, and early breakdown - the tender thoughtful discussions when the report card reveals the progeny to be one step below half-wit; the close knit family group making a mess around the fireplace to roast hot dogs, and thumbs, as well as new shoes. Children are worth it all. Every moment of anxiety, every sacrifice, every complete collapse pays off as adolesense is reached.
What a feeling of reward the first time you take the boy hunting! He didn't mean to shoot you in the leg. The boy was excited. Remember how he cried? How sorry he was? How disappointed that you weren't the deer? These are the moments that a man treasures, captured forever in the heart - and the limb.
What childless couple could ever share the stark drama of romantic adventure when their beautiful budding daughter elopes with the town idiot! Could a woman without children touch the strength and heroism of of your wife as she tried to fling herself out the bedroom window. It takes a father to attain the stature of standing by, ready to jump after her. There is a climax when you realize that, after all, your baby girl is a woman - with a brain the size of a pigmy.
The childless couple lives in a vacuum. They fill their lonely days with golf, vacation, dinner dates, civic affairs, tranquility, leisure and money. They contribute no addition to the human race - which is satisfaction in itself. 
There is terrifying emptiness without children, and the childless couple is to comfortable to know it. You just have to look at them to see what the years have done. He looks boyish, unlined, and rested. She's slim, well-groomed and youth-ful. It isn't natural. If they had kids, they'd look like the rest of us - tired, grey, wrinkled, and sagging. In other words - NORMAL.

Author Notes: Just get on with it.

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22 Nov, 2015
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2 mins
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