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Christmas And New Year Gift Ideas For Ourselves
Christmas And New Year Gift Ideas For Ourselves

Christmas And New Year Gift Ideas For Ourselves


O Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life and the Universal Christ, Your only born Son/Daughter, may every heart and soul in both our worlds be opened wide to receive the blessing and healing power of Your wisdom and love. Grant us the gift of finding rest, peace and healing in Your presence and that of the Angels and Masters around Your throne.

May the Christ Star’s light go forth from that place more strongly with each passing day to bring about the greatest miracle of all times, that of healing of humankind and our world. May this light flood and fill all of us and flow from there into the farthest remotest corners of the whole of Creation to bring blessings and healing to wherever it is needed. May the joyful song of the Angels of Healing and Peace bring peace and tolerance, love and goodwill to the heart and soul of humankind, our world and all others throughout the whole of Creation, not only at Christmas but always, forever and ever. Amen

And as gifts for ourselves, let us meet:

Opponents with kindness and tolerance.

Enemies with forgiveness and the peace
that grows from knowing that on the inner level
there is no separation and all is one.
That’s why nobody is our enemy.
In truth is our teacher who was sent
to show us how we do NOT want to be.

Friends with open hearts and minds.

All lifeforms with charity and compassion, kindness and love.

Children by living as good examples they may wish to follow.

* * *

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30 Dec, 2019
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