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Christmas And New Year Prayer
Christmas And New Year Prayer

Christmas And New Year Prayer


O Universal Christ, You are the true Christ,
We and our world have been waiting for.
Star of all stars and Light of all lights,
You are the spiritual Sun behind the Sun,
The Great Light and the Highest Star in the whole of Creation.
You are the only born Son/Daughter
Of the Father/Mother Creator of all life,
Whose children we earthlings are.
Your love and wisdom have always been
With us and our world and forever will be.

We welcome You,
The living and loving Spirit onto the Earth.
May Your energies of peace, balance and harmony
Fill our hearts and souls and from there
Flow ever more freely and strongly
Into the spirit/soul of our world and all worlds.
May every one of us be blessed and healed
Through a new understanding of
Your true nature and their own.

May our world’s hope, faith and trust
In the healing power of Your love thus be renewed.
Through Your intervention from the deepest
Innermost core of everybody’s own being
Enable ever more of us to do their share of
Bringing about the new golden age
When loving kindness, balance and harmony
Will be ruling all Mother Earth’s kingdoms.

You are the wise one or living God within.
From there please guide and protect us and
Intuitively show us to find our way home
Into the conscious awareness
Of our oneness with You and all life.


* * *

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29 Dec, 2019
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