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Christmas Message 2018
Christmas Message 2018

Christmas Message 2018


Christmas Message 2018

The Birth Of The True Christ Child

The following is the essence of several teachings of the White Eagle group of spirit guides I found in the Lodge’s calendar November/December 2018: ‘If you find yourself quietly working in the background of earthly life, even the smallest effort any one of you makes to transform your world into a more peaceful place is greatly appreciated by the Highest Forces of life. You are much needed for the vital work of projecting the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star’s light into the darkest spiritual corners of your world.

‘Each one of you is like a small lamp, which God and the Angels for some time have been lighting in increasing numbers of human hearts. They are very much in need of your help because the flame of your loving service is a particularly clear and steady one. This is of immense value for the Angel’s mission of healing you, individually and collectively, and helping your race to become aware of the special place it occupies in the great family and siblinghood of all life.

‘To this day the Jesus legend tells you: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers. Their work shows that they are worthy of being called God’s children of the Earth.’ Those who have become aware of their true nature and whose inner eyes are open, have no difficulties grasping why the higher esoteric meaning of the Jesus tale had to remain hidden behind its surface words for such a long time. They appreciate that the story was specifically designed in this manner by God and the Angels because its wealth of symbolisms should not be revealed too early.

‘From the beginning of humankind’s existence in earthly life, God’s great plan of life decreed that the truth about this legend should gradually be disclosed when the time and energies are right. This is what they are now and that’s why ever more of you understand that the ultimate aim of every human being in earthly life is an exceedingly high and holy one. By the end of their earthly education each one of them will have evolved into a Christed one, a healer and peacemaker of your world, and a young God in the making. Being aware of it, do whatever you can to create as peaceful conditions as possible in your heart and around you, wherever you may find yourself placed by the lessons of your life. And do not overlook that, no matter how simple your daily work may appear to you, that you are still providing loving service to the One.

‘The message of the Angels is one of wisdom and love; it is the same today as it always has been. From the beginning of humankind’s earthly existence, God and the Angels inspired the writing of tales and legends that slowly but surely took humankind closer to the glad tidings of the greatest joy of all: its spiritual rebirth and that of your whole world. The great plan provides that this should happen in the fullness of time, but that until the time and energies would be right, the knowledge that symbolisms and metaphors for the spiritual guidance of humankind are hidden behind the surface words of the stories should remain undisclosed.

‘Now that the Age of Aquarius has been with you for some time, the esoteric higher meaning of the birth of the Christ child in a manger in Bethlehem can be told. The child is a symbolism for the Divine spark that eventually begins to stir in every human heart and the Christ spirit is born into earthly life. The manger represents the human heart, the most humble place on Earth. Bethlehem and God’s chosen people stands for the whole of humankind. You can observe all around you how in ever more human hearts the spark is waking up and Christ children are being born.

‘Whenever one of you during your meditations, prayers and quiet reflections turns to God and the Angels and us, your spirit guides and helpers, to ask for our assistance, your earthly mind tunes itself into the frequencies of our levels of life. And that makes it possible for our blessing and healing energies to flow through you into everything that shares the Earth with you. Each time this happens, the Heavens rejoice and sing: ‘Hallelujah.’ Your whole world’s inner spiritual level responds with: ‘Praise be to God in the Highest and peace and goodwill to Mother Earth and all her kingdoms.’

‘Extra special greetings and blessings from God and the Angels are going to those who are working hard on overcoming their addictive behaviour patterns of any kind. Their message for you is: ‘Never give up. Keep on keeping on. We are with you and around you at all times. More than that: we are part of you. Yet, unless you ask for our help we cannot give it to you. Such is the law of the Universe, God’s law. But as soon as you reach out for us, we gladly provide you with the courage and strength you need for conquering and rising above the drives and urges of your lower earthly nature.’

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25 Dec, 2018
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