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Christmas Prayer 2018
Christmas Prayer 2018

Christmas Prayer 2018


Christmas Prayer 2018

O Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Please give us eyes this Christmas
To see the Christmas Star.
And give us ears to hear the song
Of the Angels from afar.

With eyes and ears attuned
To Your wisdom and truth from above,
May the Christmas Angels’ message speak to us
Of the renewal of hope, faith and love.

With the gift of these things light our world,
When our way seems too frightening and dark,
So that even in stormy times our hearts and souls
Know how to sing with the sweetness of a lark.

Help us to trust in Your presence unseen,
So that we know beyond all seeing
That in your infinite Your Father/Motherly love
We shall eternally be safe and have our being.

May Your love fill our hearts to overflowing
To help us remove the barriers
Of colour, race and creed,
And reach out to anyone in need.


Edited by Aquarius

Happy Christmas and a prosperous and above all healthy New Year 2019 to each one of you, my worldwide spiritual family.

And here is my ‘Christmas Card’ for you.
(Please copy and paste the above link into your browser.)

* * *

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24 Dec, 2018
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