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Circles Opening And Closing
Circles Opening And Closing

Circles Opening And Closing


The Aquarian Spiritual Transformation – Part Twenty-Two

Message Of Hope From The Spirit Realm – Part Eight

‘Let’s return for a moment to some of the patriarchy’s false beliefs. One of the most significant ones has been that, in due course, a saviour and redeemer by the name of Jesus would appear in your world to keep all those who believe that he exists from frying forever in the fires of hell. Something similar has for some time by now been happening in your world with the help of an equally non-existent virus. It’s good to see that ever more of you by now realise that this virus is but a figment of imagination, the same as Jesus. He never was a historical figure, who once walked in the midst of humankind and that’s because the story of his life is but a legend. The truth behind the surface words of this tale had to remain hidden for a long time, because that’s an essential part of humankind’s lesson about the value of honesty and truth.

‘The Aquarian age is the age of truth. That’s why by now ever more of you are waking up to realisation that there is but one true saviour and redeemer and that is their very own inner higher God or Christ nature. This function never had anything to do with outside forces. In every one of you the characteristics of this aspect of your being had to remain dormant until their lower earthly self reached the developmental point when it begins to stir from its slumbering state and the wise one or living God within wakes up. Slowly but surely your higher nature then starts to influence its earthly counterpart in many beneficial ways. This continues until the energies of your God of Christ nature have become so strong that they completely take over from the lower ones. That’s when everyone’s own inner guidance then reveals itself as the only truly reliable teacher and guru that exists in the whole of Creation, who knows the way of all things and the answers to any question its earthly counterpart may ever care to ask.

‘The lust for money-spinning and greed once were the true intentions behind the invention of a non-existent saviour and redeemer of humankind, approx. two thousand years ago by the name of Jesus. This has been repeated with the pharma industry’s invention of a virus called Covid. And the most powerful and only truly effective protection against deceptions of any kind, including the two mentioned here, is the Divine gift of everybody’s own built-in-lie-detector. It is available free of charge as soon as you discover its existence, tune into it and start using it. If you don’t know how to go about it, ask for our assistance. At any given moment we are only too happy to help you with anything that’s troubling you. However, without asking for our assistance, it cannot come to anyone.

‘Should you be asking whether the truth will emerge and how much of it, when and how it is destined to be revealed and by whom, it’s not up to us to reveal it to you. The Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, are smiling and nodding: you will be able to discover this for yourselves when the time is right. Everything can only happen in God’s time and not yours, i.e. when the energies are right to allow it. All we can tell you at present is that every one of you and your whole world have much to look forward to. There really is no need to be afraid of anything, especially not when your time has come for returning to our realm.

‘Your enjoyment starts with being able to move around without the encumbrance of a physical body that’s in almost constant need of attention. Nobody forces you to do anything here. You are like one of the swallows when, at the end of each summer they return to the warmer climates of Africa and leave behind your world’s cold Northern climates. Guided by the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, they find the way to wherever they may be going, the same as every one of you does. In Africa the swallows merely feed and enjoy themselves and that strengthens them for their next visit to the Northern countries. Resting in the warm climate of Africa helps them to recover from the hard work of rearing their offspring, three to five of them in one brood; in good years they manage two of them. The swallows’ behaviour is Universal guidance for the whole of humankind, because that’s how every one of you behaves each time you return to our realm.

‘As after a while doing nothing gets to be boring, anyone who wishes to can visit our halls of learning and study any subject that’s of interest to them. This is particularly useful for further development of the special gifts and talents the Great Father/Mother bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation, before you were released into taking part in the earthly school of life for the first time. Everything in the halls is available free of charge and if you discover new subjects that attract you, you are invited to stick your toes into the water and try them without any obligation whatsoever.

‘And wherever you may one of these days find yourself , either in your world or ours, rest assured that we shall always be with you, more than happy to guide, protect and show the way along your predestined pathway through life. Although it frequently looks as if you were struggling on your own on the material plane, none of you is ever simply ditched there and left to their own devices. We are always accompanying you and helping those on your side of the veil that separates our two worlds, as much as possible. That is what’s always happens for every one of you, even though for a long time you are unaware of our presence. If you want our assistance for anything, we are glad to oblige. However, we cannot do any of the work that your pathway demands from you, as you would then be unable to learn from your experiences. They could not help you to grow ever more Heaven-tall and assist with expanding your consciousness.

‘In that case you would never get to know the processes of life, how they affect you, the whole of humankind and your world. You would never understand that the Divine justice is perfect and is not about crime or punishment, like its earthly counterpart. What represents a crime on that plane is nothing but a learning experience that simultaneously opens and closes a circle in the education of two or more of the Great Father/Mother’s beloved children of the Earth. One of them closes each time when those who are occupied with redeeming the karmic debts of past lifetimes in this one find themselves at the receiving end of something they did to others in previous lifetimes.

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29 Sep, 2021
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