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Co-Creators With God
Co-Creators With God

Co-Creators With God


Miracles And Wonders – Part Two

Although at first they are present merely in seedform, every human being has inherited all my characteristics and powers and is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the whole of Creation. The way the parts of your physical body correspond to the planets of your solar system is clear evidence of this. See the relevant link at the end of this chapter. You are My co-creators and therefore constantly in the process of creating something. Whatever is in your life at any given time was created by you alone and you are responsible for every aspect of it. Your earthly personality is your own doing and what kind of parents you get in each new lifetime depends on how you behaved towards your offspring in previous ones.

Every one of you was created after the prototype of the perfect human being that exists as an idea in the Great Father’s mind. Initially untouched by anything that happens on the earthly plane of life, His will and power in close co-operation with the love and wisdom of his feminine counterpart, the Great Mother, once created the beginnings of the human race there. And that is the higher esoteric meaning behind the tale of the immaculate conception.

You are young Gods in the making and manifestations of the Great Father/Mother and Me, as well as the rest of the whole of Creation. In the course of many lifetimes each has to serve their apprenticeship through taking part in the lessons of the school of earthly life. To assist you with becoming familiar with every aspect of any kind of experience that is available on that plane and to ensure that your curriculum is thoroughly learned and never forgotten, it is of the greatest importance that all of you get to know both sides of every picture. That’s why in some of your lifetimes you find yourself at their giving end and in others on the receiving one.

The Sun in your birthchart is the symbolism of Me. I am the Sun behind the Sun in the sky above your world. I am the Sun of all Suns and the Light of all lights. Your birthchart’s Sun shows your small earthly self the way forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. The Moon is doing its best to hold you back and keep you in the past. But because of its directness My Light is more powerful and this is how I am constantly drawing all lifeforms, not merely those of the Earth, into My loving embrace.

The Moon represents the personality of your easily frightened lower earthly self. With its fear of the unknown and the future it clings to that which it knows as tried and tested to be good. You will not find this surprising when you consider humankind’s history and the harrowing lifetimes every one of you is bound to have experienced in the early stages of their earthly education. This applies particularly to the approx. six thousand years of the patriarchy’s with its expressions of the masculine lust for power, empire building and warmongering. And the all-masculine patriarchic religions provided the males of your species with ever more excuses for warring, in the name of a God who never existed, against those who followed different belief systems. To teach you the value of peace and truth, that’s how the characteristics and powers of the Great Father – in the absence of the love and wisdom of His feminine counterpart – expressed themselves in your world in ever more cruel and destructive ways.

This false belief was purposely created for the above mentioned reason by the Angels and Masters around My throne, the Christ Circle. Regardless of this, the will and power of the Great Father and the love and wisdom of the Great Mother have never ceased to move the whole of Creation from the lowest point of the evolutionary spiral with its crude and unevolved state forwards and upwards to something that is more beautiful and perfect. In your world, with its lack of understanding of this process, lower states are perceived as bad, ugly and evil, for example in the case of young and inexperienced spirit/souls. But in truth they too are on their personal journey of growing into something that is good and right, beautiful and perfect, in keeping with the idea of the Father’s mind.

On the whole you reincarnate one lifetime after another into the same groups and families. But the more spiritually mature of you also take part in the cultures of other countries around your world, to become familiar with and practise their belief systems. That’s how old and experienced spirit/souls are likely to have taken part in Christianity’s inquisition and witch hunting, as well as the human sacrifices of the Inca religion in the part of your planet that is now known as Latin America. Through this they have been getting to know the lower and lowest drives and urges of humankind’s nature, both at the giving and also the receiving end.

The Divine spark of the earthly personality of every one of you is a tiny part of Me through which I am experiencing and getting to know another expression of Me. When your earthly self has reached a certain developmental point, this tiny light begins to stir from its slumbers. Your lower self’s superconscious faculties that are your conscious connection with Me start to unfold and the gift of understanding the higher levels of life seeps into your consciousness. The ultimate aim of every human being’s earthly education, independent of which lessons they are presently taking part in, is to evolve into a healer and lightbringer. And at the end of this part of your curriculum each one of you in their own right will have evolved into a Christed one and miracle worker.

As often as not, this is a road that takes you through some kind of serious illness. The most important thing in your search for healing is reminding the age-old sayings: ‘First healer heal thyself!’, ‘God helps those who help themselves!’ and ‘When the need is greatest, God is nearest.’ They most certainly are true. During particularly trying times the Healing Angels and I can come much closer to you, but only if you invite us in and pray for our assistance. Spiritually, knowledge is light and not knowing darkness. And we are the only ones who can provide you with the light of truth that is required by those who wish to act as co-creators of healing miracles, first for themselves and then for those around them.

Accidents or coincidences do not exist in your world. Everything that happens to you was created by you. The unpleasant and painful things that enter your life do not do this for nothing but for the wise higher duel purpose of redeeming some of your karmic debts and teaching you something. Therefore, do not begrudge anything that ever came your way and do not be afraid of what may still lie ahead. If you ask us, we shall be there to help you work your way through it. When severe tests and trials that are coming your way, sometimes thick and fast, know that they only do so because you are spiritually mature and strong enough to cope with them. Knowing that it was you who chose this pathway, live in hope with faith and truth in our blessing and healing powers in your heart. Refuse to give in and feel sorry for yourself or resentful.

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11 Jan, 2020
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