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The Great Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life – Part Five


Occasionally, human love comes your way. The same as everything else in your life it is a gift from your spirit friends and helpers, but not without having been earned by you in the first place. It’s the Universal laws’ way of returning to you something you created in previous lifetimes and earlier in this one. The Angels and Masters are making sure you are drawing it towards yourself at the right moment. You have deserved the love of other human beings and now it’s up to you how to deal with it. Your behaviour and reactions show the wise ones in the background of your earthly existence how far you have come on the road of learning to love My way, complete with wisely knowing when to give and when to withhold something.

Respond to the loves that enter your life as best you know how to and never forget that nothing in earthly life belongs to you, least of all people. At the end of each lifetime everything that was given to you was on loan and has to be handed back in as good condition as possible. The only thing you can take with you into Eternity is the spiritual growth you have achieved in the earthly school of life. This wealth will be yours forever and do not underestimate its value, because the belief that human beings enter earthly life with nothing and leave it the same way is a false one. Spiritual riches are of enormous value, for they are also the only possession you bring with you into every new lifetime. At any given moment they are stored in the memories of your soul and accompany you into every future lifetime.

On every occasion you are bringing with you the thought and behaviour patterns you developed in the course of all previous earthly sojourns. Included in this are your fears and anxieties, false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. They are waiting to be changed and overcome, respectively, through more enlightened ways of being that expand your consciousness through new knowledge that will be coming your way. All of this is stored in your subconscious mind. From the moment you draw the first breath of a new lifetime they are influencing everything you think and do, in either positive or negative ways. And what kind of a person you are going to be more than anything else depends on the evolutionary level you reached before entering into your present lifetime.

Nothing in earthly life belongs to you. Everything is a gift on time and all together you are attending the earthly school of life so you can act as teachers and pupils at the same time. The people you draw into your orbit and with whom you fall in love are the ones who are teaching you how to love. After many lifetimes your higher nature wakes up and you start to bring forth, from deep within your own being, your better, finer and nobler character traces. Slowly but surely you then evolve into someone who is like Me, who loves people the way I do, totally, unconditionally and in a detached manner that knows nothing of needfulness and has no time for possessing and holding onto anything. Loving My way is easy when you can see the whole picture and are aware that on the inner level all life is one and there is no separation between anything.

Love and thought are the greatest powers in the whole of Creation. Bonds of friendship and love that have been created between individuals and also within groups cannot be destroyed by anything. Being aware of these things, you refuse to make a prisoner of anyone and when someone you love wants to leave you, you set them free. Safely you rest in the knowledge that, if there really is love between the two of you, the spiritual aspect of this relationship will never die. On the contrary, it is bound to increase the more physical distance is between you, maybe sufficient for the loved one to return to you physically, too. That’s how the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ came into being.

Loving My way never forces anyone to do anything. My kind of love may coax and cajole and invite loved ones to take part in something, but no more. This is how I have always treated every one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, and that will forever continue. There is no need for clinging onto the life I have given to you or anything within it. Let your heart be filled with faith and trust that when one door in your life closes, another one is already open and waiting for you. So take the hand of the Angel when it comes to free you from your earthly shackles and chains. By acting upon this knowledge and letting go whenever the time for doing so has come can save you a great deal of suffering that could easily have been avoided.

Once you are loving My way, you will discover that this feeling is not like a switch that can be turned on and off. Now you are loving people for who they truly, independent of how they behave and what they do to you. My love for every human being is not about who you presently are in earthly life and what you are doing. Loving with this kind of detachment is a freeing experience. When you and with it your ability to love has moved onto the necessary level of consciousness, you will find that whenever someone stops loving you, you do not feel like doing the same to them. You cannot see any point in that. When you understand who and what people truly are, where they have come from and what kind of high and holy destiny is in store for every one of you, forgiving and continuing to love them is the most natural thing in the whole wide world for you.

Getting to this state of consciousness is much easier than you may think. The only thing you need is a better understanding of your opponent’s motivations. There is no finer instrument than astrology for getting to know someone’s predestined pathway in broad outlines. No casting of horoscopes or intensive studying of the subject is necessary. All you want to know is people’s main life lessons and the struggle they are likely to have with overcoming the negative aspects of their Sun and Moon signs and integrating the positive ones into their character make-up. See the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

It’s not that loving My way makes you blind, far from it. When you are looking at life with the vision of the greater picture, i.e. complete with the spiritual background of everybody’s present existence, you can still see people’s flaws and idiosyncrasies. But you know that everybody is on the same evolutionary pathway and will eventually have grown into a God-like being. Besides you are aware that all human beings have everything within, the very best as well as the worst; that you can only change yourself and not others, and that what they are going through is but a passing phase of their evolutionary pathway and a tiny piece in the great jigsaw puzzle of life. This knowledge frees you to love people, not merely your nearest and dearest but everybody, just the way they are.

Words like vengeance and retribution have no room in the dictionary of loving My way. My Universal laws were designed with love and so that in the fullness of time everything would take care of itself. There is nothing but teaching and learning in the great school of life that is the whole of My Creation, including the earthly plane. Through their own experiences and in the course of many lifetimes everybody in your world gets to know all aspects of My nature and their own, starting with the lowest level and each working their own way up to the highest. Even though for a long time human beings are unaware of this, hand in hand with the Angels and Me, every one of you is relentlessly searching for consciousness expanding experiences that help you to grow in wisdom and understanding. All of you are as much part of Me as I am of you. Each one of you is a manifestation of life through which My knowledge constantly increases.

The religions and philosophies the Angels and I once presented to your world still are vital parts of the great jigsaw puzzle of humankind’s earthly existence. Yet, for as long as the majority of people lacked the knowledge of the spiritual background of their existence, for wise higher educational reasons they turned into nothing more than obstacles. And if you now took a closer look at your world, without bearing in mind the spirit realm and the part it plays, you could not help the feeling that not a great deal on the Earth is making much sense. I would not hold it against you, if you then asked yourself: ‘Where is the love the religions of our world are speaking of? I cannot see much evidence of that. Are we born merely to die, after however many years of being here, after all? What’s the point in that?’

In spite of the warmongering and open hostilities are still rampant in some parts of your world, and the havoc that is created by religions that have long lost their validity and usefulness, take heart, My beloved children of the Earth. These belief systems are in the process of being replaced by a new religion that supports humankind’s spiritual progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. When it rules supreme, as it soon will be, there will be no more excuses for slaughtering, robbing and maiming adventures for the testosterone driven patriarchal religions. Their remnants have not yet gone from your world, but they soon will do.

For quite some time, the Angels and I have been working on preparing your race for its rightful place in the Universe. A vast evolutionary cycle is closing and with the coming of My truth the religious beliefs that separate human beings from each other, are disappearing. They are replaced by the religion of the new age that tells you:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And I, their only born Son/Daughter.
We are one Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient

I hope that for you the pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle of life are falling into place and for you an ever more beautiful picture of humankind’s high and holy destiny emerges. The White Eagle group of spirit guides has the following message for you. The following is the essence of what appeared in the White Eagle calendar March 2010: ‘Nothing lightens the vibrations of your whole being as much as cultivating a good sense of humour. We like to see your happy smiling faces and how you refuse to deal with anything too heavily and seriously. Knowing that in earthly life all things pass away, that everything eventually has to come to its natural end and that, in the fullness of time, God and the Angels will be making all crooked places straight, smile and let things take their course, just be.’

* * *

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15 Mar, 2019
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