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By matthewmeager - 4 Reviews

She sat at the corner of her room, hoping to not see the door open. BAMM!!! The door flies open, hitting her face. SMACK! Her mother slaps her in the face. She starts crying, for she is only 4 years old. "What the hell are you doin, dumb kid?" Her mother yells in her face. She fells the spit hit her face. "Get out your lazy butt and get to school. No food for you!"

She gets to school 10 minutes early and bigger kids starts to yell at her "Get away! You stink like crap!" They grabbed her by the hand and was pulled behind the school. She tried to let go, but was to weak because she had no food and never did. They pulled her pants, that she wore every single day, down and stuck a pencial up her butt and she yelled. They all ran away and she just pulled the oencial out and ran to class, hoping her mother wont see her because her mother drives around the school, looking to see if she has any friends. Which she doesn't.

The teacher walked around the room and looked at the little girls arm and saw bruises, but did not want to ask. She ran one whole mile to get to her small, jacked up house and was sweating. She was 1 minute and 3 seonds late and her mother grabbed her by her bruised face and sqeezed it, pulled it into the house. She started to hit her... and hit her... and hit her over-and-over again.

9:04 p.m.

Her mother came in and smacked her face. She grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the kitchen and told her to lay on the stove. "DO IT NOW!!" Her mother yelled. Neigbors hears the yelling, but just turns off the lights. And she did it, but her mother was not satisfied. Her body was black with smoke steaming out. She looked up. Her mother hit her one last time and everything went to darkness...


She was gone forever. The stone lied there. It read:


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31 May, 2009
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