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Conventional Medicine
Conventional Medicine

Conventional Medicine


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Eight

Every one of us is a unique, precious and much loved individual, a many faceted jewel that has been gifted in some special way. In the course of many lifetimes we develop our talents so that in the present Age of Aquarius they can be used for the highest good and the greatest joy of our whole world during Mother Earth’s transformation and humankind’s spiritual rebirth. You probably have noticed that increasing numbers of us are moving away from a purely material approach to their earthly existence to a more spiritual perception of it.

The law of life is evolution and from the moment of our race’s creation we and our world have constantly been travelling forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. That’s how all of us have steadily been working our way towards a better understanding of the wise higher purpose of our existence and that we and our world have always been guided and steered by the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the highest level of life. They are the executors of God’s great plan of life and that includes being responsible for the development and wellbeing of humankind. Supported by countless guides and helpers on the lower levels of the spiritual background of our existence, they have always been working with and for us.

Each one of us has been placed on the earthly plane to discover our true nature and to bring forth, from deep within ourselves the powers and characteristics of our Divine parents. We have to find our own version of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. To paraphrase the Jesus legend’s St. John 14:12: ‘The time has come for discovering that in truth the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, have never ceased to be part of you and you being one with them. The time will come when this has been fully understood and even the last and slowest one of you will then be able to do the works mentioned in the Jesus legend. Much greater wonders and miracles God and the Angels will in due course be manifesting through each and every one of you.’

As soon as the selfish human drives and urges of our lower nature have been nailed to the cross of earthly life, i.e. freely and willingly left behind for good, the only thing we want to do is serving the greatest joy and highest good of humankind and our world. When we have evolved into a channel through which the energies of the Highest can flow with ever increasing strength into Mother Earth and all her kingdoms for the blessing and healing of everything that exists within them, God and the Angels can bring about ever greater healing miracles.

Wise ones, who use their gifts unselfishly and no longer have any taste for accumulating great material wealth and riches, are likely to see them fully unfolding in their present lifetime. Read more about this by following the ‘You Are Special’ link at the end of this chapter. Ever more of us walking the healer and lightbringer’s pathway in their search for something to cure them of their afflictions.

This is indeed possible, but only for those who are going about it the right way and that, to my mind, is certainly not with the help of what these days is known as ‘conventional medicine’. I believe that it will continue to be with us, but only for a certain predestined length of time. One of the surest signs of this development is that ever more of us are losing their faith in the pharmaceutical industry’s products and are rejecting them, especially chemotherapy in the case of cancer patients.

My brother in Germany, eighty at the time of writing this, is a first class example of what can and does happen to those who are still dealing with matters of health and wellbeing the conventional way. When something is amiss with you, you go to your doctor and tell them about it. No problem. The pharmaceutical industry has just the thing for you. You take it for a while, but then your body starts to revolt against the intrusive way these chemicals are affecting its natural way of healing itself and putting things right. That’s why side effects surface and are troubling you. You see your doctor to tell them about what’s happening to you. No problem. Another prescription accompanies you on your way out. Alas, after a while you discover that this one also has side effects. Again no problem. And so on and so forth.

That’s how one medication follows the other, until your physical body finally has had enough of the relentless onslaught of alien chemicals that obstruct its normal healthy functioning. If your kidneys stop working as a direct result of the various medications you have been taking, the medical profession has no qualms to say that they are the reason why you find yourself on the verge of death. That’s what happened to my brother. For several months by now he has been going through the ordeal of kidney dialysis three times per week.

As likely as not the products required for this treatment are supplied by a branch of the same industrial conglomerate that produced the chemicals that stopped his kidneys functioning in the first place. Once more their shareholders are smiling about the contents of their bank accounts. And I cannot helping thinking to myself: ‘Please forgive them for what they are doing to the health of Your beloved children of the Earth, Father/Mother Creator. They know not what they are doing and the negative Karma they are creating for themselves. How will they feel and deal with it when it returns to them in one of their future lifetimes?’

And because my brother does not yet understand what really awaits him at the end of his present lifetime and that in truth there is no death, merely a moving onto a different dimension of life, he is too afraid to let go. So he endures the treatment and hangs onto this miserable earthly existence, glad and thankful for still being able to continue with it somehow.

Aspiring healers and lightbringers appreciate that the medical profession cannot heal anyone and neither can the products of the pharmaceutical industry for which prescriptions are frequently handed out far too easily. The exception are medical practitioners who already are walking down the ‘alternative’ road, as quite a few truly inspired ones by now are. If you are lucky enough to find one, you will be in good hands because they know how to listen to their inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, following the instructions intuitively received from the Healing Angels. That’s how they communicate with those who are willing to be guided by them to the natural healing methods that is right for their patient. The same applies to our own afflictions. Information received in this way is always reliable and trustworthy.

Whatever we yearn for with all our heart and soul and every fibre of our being, God and the Angels will eventually give us. And for as long as we are convinced that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, all things are possible and any condition can be healed, when we put our whole being into their hands with unshakable faith and trust in their quite literally unlimited power and never give up hope, the miracle is sure to come about as soon as the right conditions have been created by us. See the previous chapter.

However, for as long as our thought and behaviour patterns are not yet geared to doing the work on ourselves that is necessary, we ourselves are jeopardising the healing process and preventing a miracle. In that case our afflictions may well turn out to be incurable and irreversible, speeding up the approach of the end of our present lifetime, just as prophesied by the conventional medical profession.

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31 Jan, 2020
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