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A Conversation With Depression
A Conversation With Depression

A Conversation With Depression

6 Reviews

Who are you?

"Well if I knew you would too."

Aren't you my reflection?
Why do you seem like a stranger?

"Well thats the convetional conception
That I am supposed to be you and vice versa,
but of course that doesn't apply to our personas"

I suppose you're right
I fight and cage you.
I'll put Rage outside the door
find anything more to lock you up with.

"Yet here I am.
Slipping through the cracks,
and putting chips in your act.
I'll escape when you're alone
I've done it before and will do it some more."

Well stop it!
Quit bringing your buddies,
Regret and Sadness and whomever else.
I hate you
Why else do I try to kill you?

"You don't hate me,
you're afraid of what I could be.

I get friends as well, you know.
Who cares if they weigh you down?
I don't, so deal with it.
Its what I do with you're infuriating companions.

You can't kill me though.
See, if I die you will as well
and I can't fathom you attempting suicide
So just let me inside."

I can't cave in and embrace you
I do that and I'll erase myself.
You don't care about anything
not me or my family
or even yourself
You're a disgrace
to me and the human race.

"So if I'm a disgrace,
does that make you a saint?

Please, we both know you aren't
So get off your high horse
I'll agree I don't care how anyone fares
but thats my motto
'No cares and buckets of pain'
So there you go
I'm going to go kick your door down now.

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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3 Aug, 2018
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1 min
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