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A Course In Relationship Healing
A Course In Relationship Healing

A Course In Relationship Healing


A Course In Relationship Healing

A lifetime spent in Libra,
The sign of the peacemaker and relationships,
Ruled by Venus,
The planet of beauty, peace and harmony,
Has taught me that good manners are
The grease that is required for smoothing the wheels
Of human relationships and essential for
Mending and healing even the most difficult ones.
Libra is one of the Air signs, responsible for the
Development of human mental capabilities.
In Libra it teaches us to approach all relationships
With our inborn charm and intelligence.

And that’s why for me, with the passing of time,
The most important words have become:
• ‘I made a mistake. I truly am sorry.
I want to learn from it and do better.
Will you help me and meet me halfway?’
• ‘You did a good job!’
• ‘What do you think?’
• ‘If you please!’
• ‘Do you mind?’
• ‘Thank you!’
• ‘We’
• The least important word for me is: ‘I’

Speaking the truth is a life-long habit of mine
And I never say anything I don’t really mean.

* * *

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10 Apr, 2019
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