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Creating A Picture Of My Truth
Creating A Picture Of My Truth

Creating A Picture Of My Truth


The Great Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life – Part Two

Creating A Picture Of My Truth

Although all belief systems your world has ever seen was but another piece of the great jigsaw puzzle of all life, to this day what is left of them considers itself to be the only holy-making religion because its leaders and followers believe that their belief alone is in possession of the truth about Me. The truth of the matter is that each one was merely intended to act as one of the many pathways with which the Angels and I that have always been trying to guide humankind up the spiritual mountain. This is the road that in the end returns all human beings into the conscious awareness of My true nature, their own and the oneness with Me. The teachings of every belief system contain some golden nuggets of truth, but for wise higher educational purposes they have to remain hidden behind the surface words of their sacred texts for a long time.

The leaders of every religion are nurturing the false belief on their bosoms that what they think of as truth is unchangeable, as if it were set in concrete or hewn into granite. Human beings in general have been taught to perceive Me as a static and never changing force, but this is by no means the case. Like you, I am constantly evolving and changing and so is my truth. Both of us are expanding as fast as new knowledge is added to that which already exists. And if you wish that a picture of My truth emerges, join the religious texts of your world like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. I am asking you to do this because time and again down the ages, the Angels have been sharing another aspect of My truth with you.

On every occasion it was presented in the form of a myth or legend, as they were easier to come to terms with for humankind’s spiritual innocence. I refuse to use the word ignorance when someone does not yet understand something. Through taking the religious tales at their face value better learning opportunities were created by the suffering people inflicted upon each other, at first at the giving and later at the receiving end. Much later when the time was right, it would begin to dawn on ever more of you that the stories could not possibly be meant to be understood literally, as they had been during humankind’s early developmental stage. As a result, the tales had over and over been interpreted, re-worked and translated from one language into another, but in spite of the errors that crept into them, intentionally and otherwise, the meaning of their basic contents never changed.

That’s how gradually more and more of My wisdom in the form of symbolisms and metaphors was revealed through various outlets. But with the passing of time increasing numbers of you approached spiritual adulthood and it occurred to many of these spirit/souls that the stories that formed the basis of the religions they were following was so weird and strange that they could not possibly be meant to be taken literally. Many asked themselves if that is the case, there must be some other kind of meaning, but what?

The advance of your world into the Aquarian age brought many of you the realisation that My wisdom and truth has always been hiding behind the surface words of the sacred texts of the religion you are following. Wise ones discovered to their surprise that as soon as their perception was beginning to open to the presence of the higher levels of life, nobody could pull the wool over theirs any more and even the most ancient texts could now reveal their esoteric higher meaning. It is then no longer hard to recognise that many quotes from the teachings of your religions contained hidden references to My Universal law of Karma, without being mentioned anywhere.

One of the best examples of this are quotes like ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ To this day many are mystified about what it might want to tell them, but with the understanding you are finding here it is not difficult to see that they are a clear reference to My Universal laws, in particular the one of cause and effect or Karma. When you have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, you know that such words could never have been intended to instruct human beings to go out of their way to cause pain and destroy each other. Your true nature and Mine is love. From love you have come and in the fullness of time will be returning to. The further you advance on this road up the spiritual mountain, the clearer it becomes to you that such interpretations were a gross injustice to your true nature and Mine. Therefore, they could not possibly be true and must have some other meaning.

At this stage of your development you find out that life in the whole of Creation is subject to My Divine laws, that all of you have always been responsible for every one of your thoughts, words and actions, and that being unaware of the existence of My laws never protected anyone against having to live with the consequences of whatever they sent into your world. And whenever you are saddened by inexperienced souls around you, who to this day are taking the teachings of their religions literally and are using their lack of knowledge as excuses for hurting and killing those who do not share their beliefs, do not despair and refuse to sit in judgement over them.

By the time the redemption of their present sins comes round, you could be one of their spirit friends who is trying to help them work their way through the pain and suffering that inevitably will be coming their way, just the same as you are being assisted by helpers that are invisible for earthly eyes, now. As much as you would like to do the work for them, you will not be allowed to do this because it would interfere with the learning of their lesson. You love them because they exist and are your siblings in the great family of humankind. That’s why you will do anything that is within your power to ease the burden of the cross they are carrying that was created by their outrageous thought and behaviour patterns of the past.

In the evolutionary process of growing into an ever more God-like being you acquire the ability to love totally and unconditionally, wisely and without expecting anything in return, like I do. Loving that way and viewing things from My perspective of life is the destiny of every human being. Those who have completed this development know that it would be unwise to interfere with anyone’s lessons, because your own experiences of earthly life have taught you that the most painful ones are never forgotten and therefore the best learnt ones. Having learnt to love My way, you would not want anyone to deprive of their learning opportunities.

Wise ones comfort themselves with the thought that they too once were young and inexperienced. That’s why they send the youngsters nothing but loving thoughts and quietly in their minds forgive them, for they clearly have no idea what they will be drawing towards themselves in the fullness of time. They will be no different from anyone who is groaning presently under the load of redeeming what could be their most ancient karmic debts. Never forget that the spiritual youngsters of your world, even when they are living in physical bodies that are one hundred years or more old, are entitled to learn their lessons. Naturally, the same applies to you and your task is learning how to be tolerant and patient with the youngsters.

That’s a difficult task, I know. But you will find it helpful to remind yourself frequently that, after all, they are your spiritual sisters and brothers who in the fullness of time, My time not Earth time, they too will wake up and become aware of their true nature again. Rest assured that in due course they will be given the same opportunities for reaching the same level of wisdom and understanding that is yours at the moment of reading this. And that’s how even the last and slowest one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, hand in hand with the Angels and Me and therefore never without assistance, works their own way back into the conscious awareness of their loving union with Me. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you will then know that everything in the whole of Creation has always rested safely in the loving hands of the Angels and Me and that this will continue, forever.

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12 Mar, 2019
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7 mins
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