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Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 10)
Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 10)

Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 10)

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It spoke in such a noble like manner.

The 3 members of the shadow monarchy in front of me immediately stood up.

As the creature descended from the stairs of the castle entrance, I managed to get a good look at it’s face.

It was definitely an elder lich!

The elder lich wore a beautifully crafted gray robe with silver etched on it’s edges. It had crimson red eyes that stared directly at your soul.

But for an elder lich, it was highly unusual that it had a body structure that of a huge man.

Elder lichs were often described as frail and weak looking undead with powerful magic power.

It approached me slowly as it’s steps echoed throughout the dungeon.




It stopped a few inches away from me.

It stared me down like I was prey ready to be killed by it’s hunter.

Suddenly I felt a cold chill throughout my body as it placed it’s cold skeletal hand on my shoulder.

“What is your name human?”

I answered immediately out of fear.

“A-Alhed…. Y-Your Highness…”

I couldn’t believe I was addressing an undead as royalty. But I had no choice, if I managed to disrespect the elder lich, I feel like I would be killed from the inside.

The elder lich stroked it’s boney chin.

“Hmm very well…. Alhed… come with me! We have much to discuss!”

Suddenly I was in a throne room of what looks to be the castle I was just outside of.

(What the hell! Teleportation?)

I looked around and observed the throne room.

The ceiling was well done with golden chandeliers hanging above us.

Statues showing off what looks to be high grade weapons and armour surrounded the corners of the throne room.

And in front of me….

Was a shining gold throne with 3 swords that protruded from its back and the elder lich was sitting on it.

“Let’s get down to business…. Alhed”

I swallowed my dry saliva and nodded.

“I want information on the nearest town from here…. In exchange, I will let you live and I shall grant you anything you desire.”

Information!? That's it? Why though, Toph is the nearest town from here… What is this elder lich planning?

I considered my options very well and I decided to agree to the elder lich’s offer.

“Toph is the nearest town from here, it’s got a population of at least two thousand people and a town’s guard that has 50 members with a well known knight serving as the leader.”

The elder lich bursted into maniacal laughter.


“Interesting…. Tell me more about this knight…”

I was surprised by its curiosity towards the knight but I had no choice but to tell him.

“The knight’s name is Sir. Graffin of Nula, he served as a footman in the campaign to conquer the untamed tribes of The Shela highlands to further expand the Kingdom of Izeldris.”

“Hmmm… anything else?”

“He was promoted to knight hood because of his skill with the blade and his knowledge of military tactics.”

The elder lich chuckled.

“And this knight… how strong is he in the eyes of you humans?”

I gulped.

How strong? What does he plan on doing to him?

“Well based on the latest invention of the magic council of Izeldris…. Sir. Graffin has the same level of power as a diamond ranked adventurer.”

“I see… it is rather… disappointing but it will do.”

I gave out a sigh of relief.

That’s all it wanted… that’s good.

“Well you have done your part… tell me what is it that you desire?”

I thought about it very well and I spoke with much confidence.

“What do you plan to do with the town of Toph?”

The elder lich laughed.


“If you must know… I plan to add all 2000 people to my army!”

My jaw dropped.

“What? You don’t mean…”

“Yes! I plan to kill them all! But I’ll have you know… if you do try to stop me… you will die.”

I swallowed my saliva in fear of what will happen to the people of Toph.

“Wait, there’s gotta be another-”

I was interrupted by the elder lich as he waved his hand for me to stop.

“You have overstayed your welcome human… farewell.”

Suddenly I was outside of the dungeon door.


The door suddenly vanished in front of me without a trace.



“So based on what you told us old man… you want us to kill this elder lich?”

Alph asked the old man.

The old man slammed his fist into the table.

“Kill it, destroy it, vanish it, I don’t care… whatever you do… you have to make sure it never steps foot into our world ever again!”

Alph crossed his arms and confidently spoke.

“Don’t worry old man… I know just the way to kill it.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading!

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