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GavMizaki is from SE Sweden • 18 y/o • Male

"Being the omniscient reader is better than being the shallow main character." -Me


Welcome to my bio! :)

Fantasy and Romance are my genres :O so watch out for my stories!

Thanks for all those who supported me since day one on this platform T-T

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10 May, 2020
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Q&A And Some Other Things!

Κœα΄‡Κ€α΄‡ ᴀʀᴇ sᴏᴍᴇ Η«α΄œα΄‡sα΄›Ιͺᴏɴs α΄€sᴋᴇᴅ ʙʏ ʏᴏᴜ ɒᴜʏs :α΄…

Some friends and other people from this platform asked these questions! Thank you guys :)

Q. What are your favorite bands?

- I mostly like OPM bands (Original Pilipino Music) like: Munimuni, IV of Spades, Rusty Machines, She's Only Sixteen, and Any Name's Okay. I also listen to Japanese artists like: 南(Minami), ラッドウむンプス(RADWIMPS), and をジをン・カンフー・ジェネレーション,(Asian Kung Fu Generation).

Q. What is your favorite movie?

-Oof, that's kinda hard to answer but for now my favorite movie is Kimi no Suzio wo Tabetai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas). This movie made me really think long and hard about the value of friendship and all that.

Q. Do you prefer pineapples on your pizza or no?

-Umm, I don't hate pineapples on pizza..... but I prefer not having it xD

Q. What inspires you to do things?

- My inspiration really depends on the people around me, I like to observe from afar rather than intervening with what's happening in their lives. I take their feelings and incorporate them in writing or in music.

Q. What makes you happy?

- I guess it's spending alone time with myself. I spend half of the day with people around so whenever I'm alone I enjoy it.

Q. How long have you been writing?

- I began writing around June of 2020, so a total of a month and a half.

Q. Favorite book or series?

- I really like "A Question of Heroes" by Nick Joaquin, and the Korean light novel "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" by Sing-Shong.

Q. Do you like any video games?

-Yes! I really like the Street Fighter Series and Darkstalkers.

Q. Favorite anime?

-This is hard to answer but I would say I realy enjoyed Hi Score Girl. It is one of the few 3D anime that is actually good IMO.

Q. Favorite OST from a movie or show?

- Tenki no ko (Weathering with You) is my personal favorite!


Series Written:
-That One Summer Night (4 Chapters- Abandoned)
-Crimson Swordsman (12 Chapters- on going)
-The Tyrant King's Reincarnation In The Modern World (Prologue- Abandoned)

-Killer Move (1/3 Chapters- On going )

Short Stories Written:
-The Boy Whom the Stars Hid From (Finished)

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