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Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 1)
Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 1)

Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 1)

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[Saurac, a town near the capital]

The drunken town of Saurac, known for hosting 4 taverns inside of its wooden walls. These 4 taverns were well known for being the life of the night around here, with very drunk men starting fights left and right.

The town was outright dangerous that even walking around at night would almost guarantee that you would either get robbed or beaten up for no reason. But Cyne knew that very well.

He loudly opened the door of the Rose, the most crowded tavern in Saurac commonly filled with low ranking adventurers and recruiters from minor guilds.

Everyone turned their heads to see who had just entered, and when everyone saw the red coated swordsman walking forward, gossip all around was being told.

[That's the new guy right?]

-[Yeah! I heard he single handedly took down a troll.]

[Hey! That's the newbie everyone’s talking about.]

[He doesn’t have a guild right?]

[This kid is full of himself! He’s gonna get himself killed]

Cyne made his way to the bartender and ordered a drink. The bartender nodded and poured him some beer.

The tavern was in absolute silence as everyone watched every move he made. Then suddenly the tavern doors loudly opened.

A burly man entered the tavern and looked around and when his sights landed on Cyne quietly drinking, the burly man shouted.

“Hey bastard! You're the one who took our quest!”


Cyne didn’t make a sound and continued drinking his beer. Everyone was worried about what was about to happen because the man who just walked through those doors was the iron ranked tank of the best guild in the area, Bloodshade.

“I’m talking to you! Don’t you know who I am!?”


Cyne still didn’t make a sound and sipped his beer as if the iron ranked tanker was not even there. The bartender then quietly told Cyne to leave while he still can. The red coated swordsman nodded and stood up.

“You bastard! Our guild reserved that quest, so how the hell did you get it!”

Then suddenly Cyne broke his silence.


The tanker stood still in shock from the swordsman's words.

“You want your quest back, find some other wolf hunting quest, because the quest is already completed.”

“Lies! There is no way bronze adventurer like you could have completed it.”

Then Cyne held out a bag of coins and waved it in front of the tank.

“30 Silver coins fresh from the A.U”

The tanker now in disbelief brought out his sword and faced it towards the red coated swordsman.

“I see you still don’t believe.”

Cyne then threw a wolf’s ear at the tanker and walked towards him

“N-No way, impossible!”

Then in a blink of an eye, Cyne has made his way past the tanker and disappeared into the crowd. He continued to walk around town as if he could find anything to do in this boring town besides drinking.

He made his way into an alley and sat down near a few crates. He began to wonder if joining a guild was better than acting solo up until now. His mind immediately thought back to all those quests he took and all the dangerous monsters he had fought.

“It’s been a few months since I became an adventurer and by now I thought that I would already be an Iron rank but no… I'm still bronze.”

“I have only risen one rank even though I have been taking dangerous quest after dangerous quest, the orb that determines one’s rank still only reveals that I haven’t made much progress unlike other adventurers.”

“Anyway maybe I should just take another goblin hunting quest tomorrow.”

He rested his head on the crates and slept through the night.


Inside the Hearth tavern

A few adventurers were drinking and gossiping with one another.

“You guys heard that earlier Bloodshades’ iron ranked tanker Monder, almost got into a fight with a bronze adventurer?”

“Seriously? A bronze? What did he do?”

“I heard that he supposedly stole a reserved quest from Bloodshade.”

“That kid has some balls doesn’t he? Hahaha”

“Stealing a reserved quest from the best guild in the area! He definitely has some balls!”

Then a behemoth of a man stood up and went to the table where the adventurers were talking about the so-called bronze adventurer.

The adventurers were suddenly in silence as the man in front of them began emitting a strange aura around him.

The man loudly placed his mug on their table and grinned.

“This bronze adventurer…. where can I find him?”


Author Notes: Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you for reading, and I do apologize for the long writing times, I'm trying to find away to juggle school and writing.

I am trying to make this into a long series and I hope you would enjoy this as much as my other stories.

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