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Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 9)
Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 9)

Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 9)

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The old man’s eyes burned with passion as he looked at the adventurers in front of him.

“What do you want us to do old man?”

Alph asked

The old man looked back at the location he pointed at.

“When I was an adventurer like you back in the day, I was travelling to Toph when I accidentally stumbled across a dungeon. Back then we didn’t have detection magic to reveal the danger level of a dungeon. You should thank the Sorcerer King for making detection magic for you youngsters!”

The old man sat down and stroke his chin

“I’m about to tell you boys what caused the great disappearance in Toph all those years back!”



The old man’s POV

I stood in absolute shock at the aura that was being emitted from the huge dungeon door that appeared out of nowhere.



“What the hell is this!?”

I grabbed the axe from my back and gripped the handle tightly as I approached the dungeon.

I touched the door with my left hand and slightly nudged it.


The door came to a stop and what laid beyond was astonishing.

A castle was just a few kilometers away from me.

I approached with utmost caution, as I did not know what kind of dangers I might face inside this dungeon.

I walked in silence as nothing inside made a single noise.



An arrow landed just an inch away from my foot.

I immediately grabbed my shield and awaited the next attack.

There was nowhere to take cover, the entire dungeon was just a giant cave with a castle at the end.



My heart was beating very fast in fear of what may happen next.


A group of skeleton warriors appeared in the distance.

I was prepared for their attack, until what seemed like an undead knight, rode ahead of the group and met with me.

I was ready to attack him but he raised his sword and simply swatted away my axe.

Then… it spoke.

“Human… I hate your kind… but the king would like to talk to you….”

I dropped to my knees and simply nodded at the undead knight.

The black shiny armour it was wearing didn’t prove to be a burden as it walked with ease as he carried me towards the castle.

I didn’t speak a single word and every time the knight looked at me, it scoffed like a noble seeing a beggar on the street.

I was a Gold ranked warrior class adventurer who could easily deal with groups of high orcs and could single handedly crush an elite lizardman squadron.

But I trembled at the sight of the undead knight.

It’s appearance alone was enough to scare a group of Iron ranked adventurers.

But the most terrifying part about the knight was the gut wrenching killing intent that oozed out of him.

The knight stopped at the foot of the castle and dropped me to the ground.


I felt the cold hard floor strangely comforting as I was clutching my shoulder in pain.

The knight then issued an order to the squadron of skeleton warriors behind him.

“Inform the rest of the Shadow Monarchy that their presence is needed here immediately!”

Not even a second past and the skeletons were already dispatching to fulfill their orders.

Shadow Monarchy? What is that?

Suddenly the knight lent me his hand and helped me up.

It scoffed at me once more.

“You humans are filthy creatures, I just hope the king won’t be disgusted by your mere appearance!”

Then suddenly a huge figure dropped down from above and landed behind the knight.

I recognized the figure immediately! It was the Light Angel Theon, or what used to be…

Villages often had a statue of the hero right in the middle for all to see, stories often say that after helping the army of Izeldris defeat the invading kingdom to the north, Glaciel, Theon disappeared without a trace, never to be seen again.

But the Theon I saw before me was no longer the Light Angel, he looked more like the devil!

The knight turned to greet the fallen hero.

“Theon! The king will be most pleased with your appearance for this matter.”

Theon gave a devilish smile.

“Most certainly so!”

The fallen hero was shrouded with dark mist, which when touched, I assume would poison any human.

Then another figure quietly emerged from the shadows.

It was a woman’s figure.

She carried a large sword, judging from appearance, there was not a single person in this world who could approach the skill to craft that sword.

The woman taps the knight on the shoulders.

“Tell the king the rest of the shadow monarchy are busy with personal matters.”

Suddenly the knight thrusted his sword into the ground.

“Fools! They dare to reject the King’s wishes!”

Theon tried to pull out the sword, but it was stuck to the ground.

The woman gripped the hilt of the sword and easily pulled it out and gave it back to the knight who seemed to calm down.

“Very well….. We shall wait for the King.”

I stood in silence as neither of the 3 members of the so-called Shadow Monarchy acknowledged my presence.


I started feeling more uneasiness consume my body as I could barely stand.

Footsteps came from up the stairs that led to the castle entrance.




With each passing second, I trembled at the mere sound of what was coming.

Then the 3 members of the Shadow Monarchy suddenly knelt down.

As if rehearsed, the 3 in unison spoke.

"Our King! It is an honor to be graced by your presence."

Author Notes: Sorry for the long wait! I was busy with school :(

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