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Crimson Swordsman: Shadow Monarch (Chapter 10)
Crimson Swordsman: Shadow Monarch (Chapter 10)

Crimson Swordsman: Shadow Monarch (Chapter 10)



The group arrived in Toph

The town seemed to be silent, people were walking around but no one made a single sound. Cyne asked.

“Is Toph always like this?”

Lance sighed.

“The town is on edge lately, it’s because they just lost their entire town guard, they don’t even feel safe in town anymore.”

Cyne looked to his right as the caravan slowly passed through the gate.

About 30 graves could be seen. They were just freshly buried.

(The bandit leader was that strong…..)

Alph interrupted the silence.

“Where are we going now?”

Lance looked eager to speed things along.

“We’ll stop by my house for a while…”

The caravan stopped right in front of a gigantic manor.

“Excuse me, is this your house Mr. Flaire?”

Kezia softly asked.

Lance jumped down from his seat.

“Yes, now get in, we have much to discuss.”


Inside The Manor

The inside was huge as well! A beautiful chandelier was hanging from the ceiling, there were at least a few armor stands that displayed skillfully crafted armor pieces.

“Who knew you were this rich! Haha.”

Alph jokes.

“I am the son of Saul Flaire, former head of the Flaire family, of course im rich.”

Lance scoffed.

(This guy had an attitude alright!)

Lance led the group into a room filled with magical items, and a steel round table was right in the middle.

Cyne glanced at the scrolls that hung from the wall.

“Those are fire scrolls, am I correct?”

Lance took a seat at the head of the round table. Even the chairs were skillfully made!

“Indeed they are, Take a seat and we shall begin our discussion.”

Lance gestured for the four to sit down.

“What is there to discuss?

Alph murmured as he sat down.

The group sat down at the steel round table.

Lance crossed his hands and gently rested his chin on it.

“Firstly, I’d like to hire all of you for the next few months.”

Liz and Kezia seemed surprised.

“What would we be doing?” asked Liz

“Simple, you, the mage, would be helping me in my research. The priestess will be helping with Mr. Cyne’s training, as for you tanker I want you to train Mr. Cyne.”

Liz seemed to like her role, same with Kezia. Alph was a different story.


“As much as I want to give my vice-master a beating, I need to train too! Plus, we didn’t just come to Toph for leisure, tell him Cyne.”

Cyne scratched his head.

Lance seemed annoyed.

“And what did you come here for?”

Liz and Kezia were also interested in knowing, they turned their attention to Cyne and Alph.

Cyne spoke up.

“We need your help in dealing with a certain elder Lich.”

Lance laughed at his statement.

“An elder Lich? You could take care of it on your own. Those things possess high magic power, but are just frail and weak undead.”

Cyne continued.

“We think this elder Lich is responsible for The Great Disappearance decades ago.”

Lance’s eyes widened.

Liz and Kezia were shocked upon hearing this.

Liz stood up.

“You mean that elder Lich is responsible for the disappearance of thousands of people! Not to mention a well decorated knight.”

Alph and Cyne nodded.

Liz sat back down.

“In the off chance that it’s true, I don’t think it’s wise to fight against it!”

Kezia added.

Lance finally broke his silence.

“My grandfather was one of those who disappeared that day.”

The group listened in silence,

“My father spent his entire life trying to find out what happened that day, but the closest lead he got was that a certain part of the forest that surrounded Toph had such high amounts of magic power rising and lowering throughout the year.”

Lance sighed.

“He wasn’t much of a father when I was born. My mother took care of me while my father did his research. When my mother died, my father then took his own life.”

Lance continued

“When my father died, I took a look at his work and went through it one by one. He spent over 20 years of his life into it, and he barely got anywhere.”

“That’s why I need your help, if what you say is true, then we have to figure out where that Lich is!”

Alph smiled.

“I have an idea where it is.”

Lance stood up.

“Where is it!”

Alph stroked his chin.

“But first, I have some demands.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading!

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