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That One Summer Night
That One Summer Night

That One Summer Night

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Chapter 1: The Day Before

I lay in the comfort of my bed, as the light passed through the curtains of my poorly lit room. β€œSummer.” I murmured, as I held a pillow over my face to block the sunlight. I saw no point in staying in bed all day, so I went downstairs and fixed myself a bowl of cereal.

β€œYou're finally awake huh?” said my father as he read the morning newspaper, accompanied by his signature double espresso. β€œ I plan to buy the things I need for tomorrow’s trip.” I said as I searched for a spoon to eat my cereal with, my father smiled and said β€œ Well have fun, just don’t come home late, okay?” I nodded as I quickly ate my cereal.

I took a long cold shower and started getting dressed. Riiiing! I was getting a call, it was Daniel, my best friend. β€œHey Alex! Me and Mike are about to head to the mall, you gotta come with us!” said Daniel. I figured, since we're going to stay overnight tomorrow might as well buy enough supplies to last us. β€œ Yeah sure I’m on my way.” I said, as I headed down to get my shoes. β€œ We’ll meet up at the store, see yah!” Daniel said.

I opened the door, and immediately I was met by the intense summer heat, I stepped outside the house gate and started walking towards the store. The heat barely crossed my mind as all I could think about was one thing: What is she doing right now? Rose, she was the only thing on my mind at the moment, I thought of her short brown hair and her enchanting smile.

β€œI want to confess tomorrow night.” I mumbled as I continued to walk towards the store, passing by a few restaurants and a couple of car dealerships, until I was approached by a girl wearing full black attire and said β€œ Sir, would you like some refreshme-” I interrupted her. It was Rem, a close friend you could say. β€œ Rem? You work here?” I said as her face turned bright red, filled with embarrassment. β€œ Y-Yeah… I didn’t expect to run in to you today.” she said softly as she lowered her head, I put a hand on her shoulder and said β€œHey cheer up! I'm not mocking you or anything, I was just surprised to see you here.”

Rem then signaled me to come with her to the small refreshment stand she works for. β€œ Here, have some lemonade.” Rem said as she handed me a bottle, she put on her headphones and said β€œ My shift ends in a few minutes, and you look like you're about to buy stuff for tomorrow, so I'm tagging along with you!” I nodded and I thanked her for the drink.

Rem waved bye to her boss and we began walking the few remaining meters to the store where Daniel and Mike were supposed to meet me. As we were walking, I noticed that Rem was using my old mp3 player that I gave her a while back. I turned to her and said β€œ You still kept it?” She smiled in response and said β€œ Yeah, I did. Besides, why would I throw away a freebie?” We both laughed as we continued on our way.

I remember the day Remya first transferred to my school. She was very quiet and chose not to talk to anyone, at one point during lunch, some girls asked her if she wanted to eat lunch with them. She of course declined, and sent them away. She would always sleep with her earphones on during lunch.

One day her mp3 player broke and she looked very upset. When school was over, I rushed home and went upstairs to my room and grabbed my old mp3 player that was collecting dust on my shelf. I ran back to school as fast as I could. She would always wait in the school parking lot for about an hour because her father would always come and pick her up.

β€œREMYA! HEY!” I shouted as I sprinted past the school gates. She turned around and looked at me as I was down on the ground, panting, and out of breath because of all that running. β€œ I….I.. Wanted… to... give you… this.” I mumbled and handed her my mp3 player. β€œ Oh, Uhh, thanks” She said as she took the mp3 player out of my hand. β€œ No problem! I don't use it anymore so you can have it.” I told her.

She reached out her hand and helped me get back up, I thanked her and dusted myself off. A red car suddenly stopped in front of us and the driver pulled down the window β€œ Remya, get in or your mother might get mad at us!” Her father said with a trembling voice, she laughed and smiled and looked back at me. I waved her goodbye, and just as I was about to leave, I felt a hand on my shoulder. β€œ Rem, call me Rem, okay?” She smiled as she let go of my shoulder and headed back to her car.

I found myself back in the present, walking with Rem as we finally arrived at the mall. Come to think of it, me and Rem kind of became friends on a whim. β€œ Hey Alex! Took you long enough.” Mike says as he and Daniel run toward us. β€œ Remya? You're here too!?” Daniel said as he was taken by surprise.

We wandered around the mall and we split up to gather supplies. After about an hour of spending passed, we all met up at the entrance. β€œ With how much food we bought there’s no way we’re going to starve!” Mike said, looking excited for tomorrow's trip. β€œ Oh by the way, Why didn’t Rose and the others go with us today?” Rem asked. β€œ Oh, Rose said she wanted to spend some time with her family today, and Pete just flat out ignored my messages!” said Daniel as he puts a fist in the air.

Daniel looked up at the sky as we stepped out of the mall. β€œ Looks like we better head home and start packing.” said Daniel, Mike looked at his watch and started running as fast as he could. β€œ Where the hell are you going!?” shouted Daniel. β€œ FAMILY DINNER!” Mike shouted back.

β€œDamn that Mike!” mumbled Daniel β€œ He was supposed to help me pack for tomorrow!” he continued. Daniel looked pretty pissed, but he suddenly got a text in his phone that completely changed his demeanor β€œ Well… I'm off.” Daniel said as he walked away. β€œ Oh uhh, see you tomorrow then.” I said, while Daniel continued to walk away.

β€œUmm, I guess I should head home too.” said Rem, looking a little tired from carrying the paper bag full of toiletries she bought. I chuckled and took the paper bag she was carrying and said β€œ Come on, I’ll go with you.” Rem smiled and said β€œ Alex Cleaton, ever the dorky gentleman.” as she bursted into laughter.

We continued on and on, talking about what we wanted to do after college, until we finally reached her house. β€œ See you tomorrow Alex!” Rem said as she took the paper bag off my hands. β€œ Yeah, uhh, see you tomorrow.” I said as I waved her goodbye and walked home. When I arrived, I immediately got to packing, and when I finished I went straight to bed and fell asleep.

Author Notes: I'm sorry if I did anything wrong, as this is my first story. Please do leave a review as it does help me improve my writing, thanks!

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13 May, 2020
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