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That One Summer Night (Chapter 3)
That One Summer Night (Chapter 3)

That One Summer Night (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3: Hidden Feelings

Me and Daniel arrived back at the spot where the others were, “Where have you guys been?” asked Audrey. “We just checked out the bar if there was anything interesting going on.”Daniel replied as he looked at me and flashed a smile, I nodded and sat down on the mat underneath the beach umbrella.

I watched as the others played on the water, Mike noticed me in the distance and signaled for me to come, I had nothing to do anyway so I got up and headed towards them. “Took you long enough!” said Pete, “Eh, it was pretty hot a while ago.” I replied. I noticed that we have split into 2 groups: the boys and the girls. The boys were, in more ways than one, trying to kill each other while the girls were mostly just talking about things.

“I bet I could hold my breath longer than you!” said Daniel, as he issued the challenge to Mike. “You know damn well I could last longer.” Mike replied. I watched as those two held their breath for about a minute until Daniel tapped out of the challenge. “Bit off more than you could chew huh.” said Rose as she laughed at Daniel trying to catch his breath.

I floated around the water for a while trying to piece together my thoughts on what I would do next. I continued to float around the clear water while the sunlight touched my face in a blinding yet calming manner. It has been a crazy day already and I could use every moment like this to clear my head. Suddenly, I felt a pull on my hair.

“Daydreaming?” said Rem as she gently let go. “I guess so huh, I’ve been having a lot on my mind lately.” I replied. Rem smiled and said “Wanna talk about it?” I thought to myself that maybe Rem has been in my situation before and maybe she would know what to do “Yeah sure.” I replied.

We both got out of the water and walked towards our beach umbrella. I looked at Rem and asked “Rem… have you ever fallen in love with someone?” she blushed, perhaps she was taken off guard with my question. “I guess you could say… yeah I have.”I smiled “Great! Because I have a question I really wanted to ask someone.”She grabbed my arm and ran towards a small souvenir shop.

“What is it?” she asked. “What would you do if you found another person, particularly someone close to you, likes the same person as you?” I said. She stayed silent for a while as she searched for something to say. To my surprise she placed a hand on my shoulder and said “It's Daniel isn’t it… he likes Rose too, i’m guessing?” I was taken by surprise on how she knew that. “How did you know!?” I asked.

“You normally don’t talk about love, and I guessed that what you asked has some truth to it.” said Rem, she smiled and gestured that we sit down on a bench. “So you still like the guy?” I asked, trying to change the topic. She gave a faint smile and said "Alex... have you confessed to Rose yet?"

I came clean and told her everything from me planning to confess to Rose, to Daniel admitting that he too had feelings for her. "So do you still plan to after finding out about it?" Rem asked. "I want to because I feel like I would really regret it if don't." I replied.

Silence surrounded the both of us for a few minutes, neither of us continued the conversation as if to give space to the other. "Yeah I still like him." Rem broke the silence. I responded in confusion "Hmm?" Rem chuckled "You asked If I still like him, Yes I do, The sad part is that he doesn’t know how I really feel about him….” Rem lowered her head as if she was in defeat. “Why don’t you tell him how you really feel? Who knows? He might like you too!” I said.

She shook her head and replied “No… I don’t think I will. I already know he likes someone else anyway.” I placed my hand on her shoulder and said “You never know unless you try, plus that guy doesn’t even know what he’s missing”

She started tearing up and said “What if he doesn’t? What if I won’t be able to tell him? What if-” I interrupted her by wrapping her in a tight embrace. “You’ll be fine either way! As long as you were able to tell him how you really feel.”

She hugged me tighter and tighter and rested her head on my chest. I rubbed her back in effort to comfort her, she suddenly said something I couldn’t quite hear. “What?” I asked her, she smiled and said “It’s nothing.” she broke free from my embrace and looked at me with her shining emerald eyes.

Rem then took my hand and led me to a nearby bench where we could sit down. “Is it okay if I rest my head on your shoulder?” Rem asked, I blushed in embarrassment but quickly regained my composure and nodded my head in response.

A few minutes passed and Rem soon fell asleep with her head rested on my shoulders. The others were probably looking for us but I just didn’t want to wake Rem up, she was going through a lot when it came to her feelings, in some way I could understand her.

As Rem slept on my shoulders I began to wonder what were the words she said earlier. “I couldn’t quite hear it.” I mumbled under my breath. Who was the guy she was talking about? I swear the dude is missing out on such a great girl like Rem.

“She’s kind and sweet and she is very approachable, I mean if I were that guy I would… I would…” I looked at Rem and felt a little jealous of the guy. “Dude really doesn’t know what he’s missing.” I mumbled as I stared up at the sky.

Author Notes: A bit of a shorter chapter than the others but the story is about to wrap up with 2 more chapters left to cover. Thanks for reading :)

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24 Jun, 2020
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