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Crimson Swordsman: Shadow Monarchy (Chapter 4)
Crimson Swordsman: Shadow Monarchy (Chapter 4)

Crimson Swordsman: Shadow Monarchy (Chapter 4)

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The old man seemed surprised by Alph’s response, he couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

The old man stood up.

“Do you not understand what I just told you! An elder lich with the power to make one of Izeldris’ great heroes into one of its lackeys, does that not scare you at all!?”

“Don’t spout nonsense like you know how to kill it!”

“I asked you for this quest because you two are capable, all I want is for you to approach this with caution, not ignorance!”

The old man, finished with his rant, sat back down.

Alph smiled.

“Oh i’m not ignorant… I know exactly how.”

Cyne, who has kept quiet until now, finally spoke up.

“And how exactly are we going to kill that thing!? Not to mention the so-called shadow monarchy!”

Cyne spoke with fear in his voice.

“Listen Alph, I could deal with packs of dire wolves and goblins, but an all-powerful elder lich, whom I assume has the power to raise the dead, I’m out!”

Alph grinned and spoke in a calming manner.

“Don’t worry, we won’t do this alone! I have heard of someone who could help us.”

The old man with a renewed joy in his face then asked.

“Who is this person?”

Alph crossed his arms.

“Lance, a prodigy pyromancer. I heard about him a few months ago because the Wraith guild tried to recruit him.”

Cyne’s eyes widened.

“Wraith!? That’s the 6th best guild in all of Izeldris! How are we supposed to get the help of someone from the Wraith guild?”

Alph smiled once again.

“That’s the thing…. He declined their offer.”

The old man and Cyne answered in unison.


Alph flashed his grin.

“Though he is a prodigy, he isn’t registered as an adventurer, he is not allowed to join a guild nor does he want to. That is why it is up to us to get his help.”

All three stood up in agreement.

“Then it is decided. You two will find this pyromancer and get him to help you, but I fear that the pyromancer would not be enough. I suggest you get the help of another guild.”

Cyne patted the old man’s back.

“It’s all right, we’ll find a way to succeed.”

Alph waved at the old man as he dragged Cyne out of the shop.

“See you old man!”


Outside of the village stable

“Sir, we need your fastest horse and a wagon!”

Alph demanded, as the stable master ran around quickly to get the horse and the wagon ready.

Cyne turned around and asked Alph

“How long will it take us to travel from here to where the pyromancer is?”

Alph reached for his pockets and grabbed a pouch full of coins and gave them to the stable master.

“If we travel today, we may reach Toph in about 2 days.”

Cyne nodded and threw his bag into the wagon that's now ready.

Alph got in front and signaled the horse to start moving.

The stable master helped us until we were out of the village walls.

The sun was about to set and a new goal was now in place; Get the pyromancer's help, and hopefully recruit some more help as well, and ultimately prepare for the battle that was up ahead.

Author Notes: I'm back :)

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