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Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 7)
Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 7)

Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 7)

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Cyne opened his eyes.

He was inside a room, no one else was around so he got up and entered the hallway.

Cyne recognized this hallway for when he was just a copper ranked adventurer he was always getting hurt, so he had to go to the town clinic a lot.

He eventually made it into the lobby, as he turned around he felt a tap on his shoulder.

โ€œHey! You're up.โ€

Emma smiled as she examined Cyneโ€™s body.

Cyne scratched his head in confusion.

โ€œWhat the hell happened to me?โ€

Emma crossed her arms and explained.

โ€œA big man by the name of Alph carried you all the way to the town clinic. A lot of people saw him carrying you around so a lot of people started spreading rumours about what happened. By the time I heard about what happened to you, I rushed to the town clinic and when I got here the big man told me everything that happened.โ€

Cyne lowered his head.

โ€œHe told you everything?โ€

Emma smirked.

โ€œYesโ€ฆ. EVERYTHING.โ€

Cyne further lowered his head in embarrasment.

โ€œI should have just taken his offer without requesting a duel, shouldnโ€™t I?โ€

Emma chuckled.

โ€œYes, Glad you realized that now.โ€

Emma talked to the doctor and he allowed Cyne to be discharged from the clinic as he was already awake.


The two walked into the Rose tavern and ordered dinner.

Emma was sipping her drink when Cyne asked her a question.

โ€œSo Alphโ€ฆ do you know where he went?โ€

Emma put her drink down.

โ€œHe said he will be back tomorrow morning at the A.U building.โ€

โ€œI see.โ€

Emma then took a piece of meat from Cyneโ€™s plate.


โ€œOh yeah, Alph also said that you should prepare since you guys are leaving town for Toph.โ€

Cyne placed his hand on his face.

โ€œI forgot I was part of his guild nowโ€ฆ. Guess I have to go huh.โ€

Emma smiled


The two finished their dinner and went home their separate ways.

Cyne suddenly came to a stop in the middle of the street.

"Crap! I forgot I had no where to sleep tonight!"

He turned around and ran after quickly.

(I hope she say yes.)

The exhausted Cyne finally reached drunk Emma who struggle to keep her balance.

โ€œEmma! Can Iโ€ฆ. stay...over?โ€

Emma showed a drunken smile

โ€œYeah sure!โ€

Emma led Cyne inside her small home.

โ€œYou can sleep in the same bed as me, since I donโ€™t really have another bed.โ€

Emma dove into bed and immediately fell asleep.

Cyne laid down beside her.

(I guess I'm the vice master of a guild now. But Alphโ€ฆ. His auraโ€ฆ it was definitely not human, but then again it could be that skill he was talking about, I guess we both have a rare skill.)

(Just how many people were gifted with rare skills?)

Cyne closed his eyes and went to sleep.


Morning came, and Cyne immediately rose from bed.

He noticed Emma was still sleeping, but he didnโ€™t want to wake her up.

He slowly grabbed a quill from her table and wrote on a piece of parchment.

To: Emma

Thanks for letting me stay the night!

I donโ€™t know when iโ€™m coming back but when I do

Let's get a drink.

From: Cyne

Cyne carefully opened the door to not make any noise and ran off to the A.U building.

Once he got there he spotted the giant man sitting down on a bench, waiting for him.

He smiled.


The tanker ran towards Cyne.

โ€œHell of a beating you gave me huh.โ€

The tanker smiled.

โ€œHave to give it to you, you lasted pretty long."

Cyne then held his hand out, and Alph quickly shook it.

Alph smiled once more.

โ€œTo a long partnership, Mr Cyne.โ€

Cyne smiled.

โ€œTo a long partnership!โ€

Author Notes: Thanks for reading today's chapter! :)

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14 Jul, 2020
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