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Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 8)
Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 8)

Crimson Swordsman (Chapter 8)

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3 Days later

โ€œShield Refuge!โ€



Two large dire wolves loudly crashed into the sphere of light that suddenly appeared around Alph.

โ€œCyne now!โ€

The red coated swordsman immediately appeared behind the dire wolves.


Cynesโ€™s eyes began turning black.


He suddenly appeared between the two dire wolves and stabbed them both at their hearts.



The dire wolves dropped dead on the ground.

The blackness in Cyneโ€™s eyes began to disappear.

โ€œNew skill, where did you learn it?โ€

Alph asked with a curious expression on his face

โ€œThe hunter back in the village taught it to me.โ€

Alph chuckled at Cyneโ€™s response.

โ€œThe old fart could do that!? Haha, thatโ€™s something new.โ€

Cyne took out a piece of cloth in his pocket and began to clean his short swords.

Alph sat down next to him.

โ€œSoโ€ฆ. you think we're finished?โ€

Cyne looked around the lush green field they were in.

He looked to his right and saw at least a dozen dead dire wolves, with some missing a head.

He then looked to his left and saw at least 20 more dead dire wolves, with at least a few of them sliced beyond recognition.

Cyne finally looked at the tired tanker sitting down in front of him.

โ€œLooks pretty finished to me.โ€

The two then bursted into laughter.


Back in Nara, the village the two were currently staying in.

Once the two entered the village gates, Alph stopped in his tracks and shouted.

โ€œOld man! Weโ€™re back!โ€

The villagers looked at the tank shouting his tongue off.

An old man in his 60โ€™s approached the two.

โ€œI see your back already.โ€

Alph placed his hand on the back of his head.

โ€œWe sure are! Anyway weโ€™ll be selling about 30 dire wolf bodies to some shady merchant waiting for us at the tavern, weโ€™ll meet you back at your shop when weโ€™re done.โ€

The old man looked behind Alph and Cyne and noticed the bodies of dead dire wolves that were bagged up.

The old man chuckled and left.

The two made their way into the tavern and immediately spotted the merchant to the left drinking a mug of beer.

Alph approached the man and began talking to him.

Cyne exited the tavern and sat down on a bench just in front of the tavern.

It has been an eventful 3 days since the two left Saurac and begun travelling towards Toph, a lot of stuff happened since then.

โ€œWe almost got killed when Alph accidently stumbled across a bandit camp, then a merchant almost ripped us off with a sword he was trying to sell, and then we stumbled across Nara.โ€

Cyne smiles as he recalls what happened.

โ€œItโ€™s only been a few days huh. I wonder when I will be able to go back to Saurac.โ€

Alph then came back and approached Cyne with a smile.

โ€œGuess who just cut a 20 Gold deal!โ€

Cyne smiled

โ€œNo way!โ€

Alph put an arm around Cyne.

โ€œYes way! Now letโ€™s go to the old man.โ€

Alph and Cyne walked towards the old manโ€™s shop and knocked.

The old man opened the door and smiled.

โ€œCome in! I have something to tell you.โ€

The two came inside and were led to a room at the back of the shop.

The room was small and had a lot of candles lit up and in the middle was a round table with the map of the country, Izeldris.

The two sat down and the old man pointed on a location just outside of Toph.

โ€œI have a quest for you boys.โ€

Author Notes: Sorry for the one day delay! Thanks for reading today's chapter :)

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