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Crying Artificial Tears
Crying Artificial Tears

Crying Artificial Tears

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I turned to face the clock that hung motionlessly above a wooden table, laced with spider-webs. The minutes passed by at a slow, cruel pace. It had officially been eight years since Mia left. Since she left me to rot here. Since she left me all alone in the darkness with nothing to accompany me but pain, loneliness, and the monsters that creep alongside the dusty attic window.

I remember the days when she would carefully pull my into her lap and brush my messy hair. "Would you like me to cut your hair for you?"

I remember when her friends came over to play "Doctor" together so they could sew up our small gaps."You never sewed the gaping hole you left in my heart."

I remember the days that she hold me close to her when she was asleep. "I will help you sleep nicely, just don't expect to wake up."

I loved sleeping with her; feeling the rise and fall of her chest as she slept soundly. "Let me hear your screaming while you drift away."

However, the child I knew is no more. She threw me away, like I was nothing. Like I didn't exist, like our remote past meant nothing to her. But, that's okay.I am just a doll. I have no feelings.

Now, you may ask, if I am a doll without emotion, why am I upset? There is the answer, its just that.

I have no emotion. I have no beliefs. I cant care about anything.

But that is why it hurts.

That's okay, though. You don't have to save me. you wont save me. You cant save me. You will not feel bad for me, you will not pity me.

I am no longer a doll, I am Satan's nightmare.

Trust me,

I am no longer the toy you would love.

Author Notes: Just a little something that popped up into my brain :) I hope you like it!

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30 May, 2016
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