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Cycles Within Cycles
Cycles Within Cycles

Cycles Within Cycles


The Aquarian Revelations – Part Two

Cycles Within Cycles

Everything in the whole of Creation consists of energies and vibrations, wheels within wheels and cycles within cycles. Everything rests and depends on everything else. On the inner level all life is one and there is no separation between anything. And because we are all interactive and dependent on each other, it is impossible to exist like an island on the earthly plane. Although for a long time we are not consciously aware of it, we are constantly influencing each other. This would be the case even if someone retreats to the top of the highest mountain of our world and lives there as a hermit.

That’s why before taking any kind of action, we need to remind ourselves that, because of this inner oneness, whatever we do to someone else is done to and affects not only the whole of humankind and our world, but all life throughout the whole of Creation. On top of all that, in due course the Universal laws return it to us in a somewhat strengthened form.

Each animal species, and that includes human beings, has a group soul in which the memories of the experiences of all its members and the learning gained from them are stored. Each time we are born into another earthly lifetime, we are part of the soul of that country for as long as we live there. If we make our home in another country, we become part of that nation’s soul and contribute to either its progress or are holding it back, depending what we are occupied with at any given moment and the choices we make.

The souls of all countries are part of the soul of our world, which in turn is part of the soul of the whole of Creation and that is the Great Mother of all life. She is the Goddess and feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the wise one or living God within each one of us. And that is the explanation why our inner guidance knows the way of all things and the answers to any question we may ever care to ask.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God are the executors of the plan and in charge of the development of every form of life on all levels of its existence, including you and me. Through our spirit guides and helpers they have always brought us the information that at any given time was right, i.e. in keeping with God’s great plan for the whole of Creation and our own personal design within it. In step with our individual and collective development, they have always brought us what we needed to know and could be expected to understand.

Those who are serving the Divine Trinity are part of it and it is part of them, and the same is true for every human being. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all serving the will and power of the masculine, the Father of God, and the love and wisdom of the feminine, the Mother or the Goddess. The Angels and Masters as well as all their spirit helpers are God’s children and our siblings in the great family of all life. It takes a long time until in our role as earthlings we realise that those things also apply to us, that we are part of the Divine, that in fact we ourselves are God.

Depending on where they presently are on their evolutionary journey, some people have better memories than others. But as far as our spiritual development is concerned, learning something parrot fashion on its own is no good at all. We are in this life is to grow in wisdom and understanding and that can only be found by working with the knowledge that comes our way. Only through using and applying it in our daily encounters can it sink into our consciousness and become our spiritual property.

At all times white and black energies are affecting everything in our world. And when, hand in hand with God and the Angels, we are sending prayers into the Universe for the healing of ourselves, those around us and our whole world, vibrations are created that belong to the white magical healing energies of the Highest Forces of life. And each time something new is introduced on our planet, depending what the intentions behind it are, either the white or the black magic are called upon and worked with.

When something is in keeping with God’s great plan of life, as soon as sufficient numbers of us are following a way of thinking and behaving that is different from the past, the energies into which their contributions are feeding eventually grow so powerful that strugglers and latecomers are drawn along with the rest of humankind. Nothing happens outside of God’s plan and when it decrees that the time is right for something to come about, in Universal terms it does not take over-long until it really does. All who are destined to take part in a particular lesson then start walking behind the path pioneers and wayfinders have trodden a path for them.

Naturally, this applies as much to positive as negative experiences. And when the thoughts and actions of sufficient numbers of human beings are doing their best to bring peace and harmony to our world, so that ever more of us start to work in positive and constructive ways with the forces of light on the inner level of life, increasing amounts of the energies required are created by God and the Angels – and us! With the passing of time, this movement absorbs more and more of the dark and destructive forces into itself. They are then uplifted and transmuted by God and the Angels into blessing and healing energies for all life. This is how the higher powers in the background of our earthly existence have always been toiling for the progress and wellbeing of our world and every one of its inhabitants on all levels.

At the end of every chapter of my jottings is a six-pointed star. In the first place this star represents a whole and perfected world. Its upper downwards pointing triangle brings the light of the Highest Forces of life down to everything that dwells on the Earth. The lower upwards pointing triangle represents humankind’s lower earthly nature that has always been reaching up to the Highest, while the upper triangle with all its might has been absorbing as much as possible of the undesirable dark energies of humankind’s lower nature.

The star also stands for the perfected, i.e. whole and holy human son/daughter of God on the Earth. This means all aspects of our nature have been fully integrated and are working together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they are doing in God. And when our small earthly self finally has had enough of its earthly existence and is sick and tired of its trials and tribulations, it no longer has any problems with freely and willingly surrendering its whole being to the forces of the Highest. As our inner light shines ever more brightly, we evolve into a Christed one and a six-pointed star in our own right.

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12 Apr, 2019
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