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Dance and Doodle
Dance and Doodle

Dance and Doodle

penquin_feetRachel Elizabeth
1 Review

I'm the girl a little lost in her imagination

who always sees the world as it could be

in spite of what it is

I do everything on a whim and I hate having a hard set plan

I doodle on my homework

I dance down the hallways

I draw on my jeans

but I definitely don't sing in the shower

I have a wild sort of style

I never match my socks

I let my hair do whatever it wants

I never wear makeup

I don't see myself as smart, but I'm in all honors classes

I don't have a ton of friends, but Iove the ones I have

I think I'm really pretty, even if others dissagree

some would say I'm crazy

I think I'm just fun

you won't find someone quite like me

I'm the only one

Author Notes: Can you tell my ennegram number? I feel like this kinda shows it

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About The Author
Rachel Elizabeth
About This Story
10 Feb, 2022
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