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Dark World Pt. 1
Dark World Pt. 1

Dark World Pt. 1

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It is a dark world. It is an unfair joke. But it is a world I live in. A world I cannot escape.

We are controlled at birth. One small tatoo printed on our forearm, with a barcode and the date of our death. They control at birth, yes, but our death too.

We don't know what is beyond of our city of Amnosia. There are legends and myths of freedom, nature and colors.

That none of us will ever see.

I walked down the street, my black hoodie over my head, my long dark hair loose. I want to fade away, just another grease spot on this dirty wall. Ignored, uncared for, nonextistent.

I pulled up my sleeve, staring at my date and barcode. Just to double check I wasn't seeing things. The date clearly read April 6th, 2567. Which is today.

It is today that I will die.

It was already 10:00pm. I will be brought to the Termination Center. It is today that they will injected me with the pitch-black liquid that will slowly kill me.

Today is the day I will die.

I walked back home. Nobody was there to greet me. My father met everybody's fate a few years ago. So did my mother, only a few months ago. My sister ran away with her crazy boyfriend. They said they would escape this world of Amnosia. They said they would die at their own time.

But they both knew there's no escaping. No escaping death, no escaping Amnosia. No escaping this dark world.

I threw my phone and keys on the counter and slamed the front door closed. I was only a 16 year old girl. A so very normal girl. Average face. Average body. Average life. Just not an average world.

Might as well do a few good things during the last moments of my life. I looked out the window, double checking that no one was snooping. I then tiptoed to the basement. Throwing the door open, I climbed down the stairs.

This is where my father snuck in all the fun illegal things. We snuck in music, and paintings. He even showed me how to see colors.

I never knew happiness until he showed me music.

I popped in a disc and sat on a torn couch. The music started slowly.

I knew it by heart. It was called Sunset Lover, by PETIT BISCUIT.

I nodded my head to the beat. It was soothing. And it made me happy.

Happiness is a foreign feeling to me. It made life fun. It made it worth living for. It made bearable.

At least before I die, I will remember this moment.

I listened for a bit, then I stood up and shuffled a few paintings. Paintings of sunrises, paintings of lilacs. All unique and beautiful. I just wished my life was full of these.

I inhaled and exhaled slowly and concentrated on the sunrise painting. I stared at the sun over the gray ocean.

As if somebody poured a paint bucket onto my eyes, colors blossomed before my eyes. The ocean was suddenly a vibrant blue, the sky painted orange and red. A few stars twinkled in the corners, where the sky was light blue.

I gasped, then I lost my concentration. The world returned to the drab grayscale place.

I shook my head. How pointless, to see colors. I only hides the pain and suffering.

I returned to the couch and feel asleep to the music. It didn't sound as good anymore.

I woke up with my back aching. For a second, I didn't know where I was. When I overcame my disorientation, it hit me.

I'm still on my couch, listening to Sunset Lover.

Why am I not dead?

Author Notes: Sunset Lover by PETIT BISCUIT:
Ha! Thanks for reading! See you around!

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7 Apr, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
5.0 (2 reviews)

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