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My wife Beth was so concerned for me when I came home from the hospital it made my heartache. When I opened the door she embraced me the second she saw me. She cried for the first time since we got married. God that was five years ago. It seemed like the ceremony was yesterday. I recall seeing my family. My mom was holding my hand on the ride home. My dad chuckled as he placed a firm hand on my bandaged shoulder causing me to flinch. He apologized and took a few steps back so my siblings could see me. My sisters gently embraced me and kissed me on the cheek while my brother grabbed my hand and brought me in for a more brotherly embrace with one hand holding mine while the other wrapped around my back. "Everyone else will be over between tomorrow and Friday to see you." My mom said as I was released from my brother's grip.

"Can't wa-ya-it!" I had tripped over something foreign. I felt my dad's gruff hands grip my shoulder and arm.

"Woah sport take it easy," he helped me to my feet. I rubbed my eyes and coughed.

"Couch?" I asked looking in the direction of the couch in the living room.

"Always hit it," Beth answered before grabbing my hand and guiding me to the couch where I sat down with her on my lap. The feeling of her hair and the sound of her breathing helped me feel calm. I was somewhat skittish after surgeries and Beth knew this.

The sound of my family became background noise as I listened to my wife's gentle sigh as she looked at me. "I'll help you through this." She promised quietly. And with those words, my memories of the accident and the surgery reminded me of what happened.

"I forgot about the crash," I said as I waved my hand in front of me and saw nothing.

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22 May, 2020
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