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Dear Sara: 3 Months

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Dear Sara: 3 Months

By Biggun

Sara, I want you to know that these past three months that I've known you have been the best. The only reason they're the best is because of you, if I didn't know you I don't even think I'd be alive right now. I couldn't have asked for anyone more beautiful, sweet, caring, and loving than you. I can't wait to see you down that aisle. I'll be by your side soon honey. You know where to contact me if you need to and I'll always be a helping hand no matter the situation. I'm here to love and protect you to my greatest ability. If anyone is to touch you or harm you, they're going to wish they were never born. I've been training hard in boxing lately so I know each punch definitely hurts. You're the most perfectest girl I could've asked for. I love you more than words can even comprehend! 😘❤️💛💞

Author Notes: Can’t wait to make your last name a Hardy!


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26 Jun, 2021
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