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Biggun is from US United States • 18 y/o • Male

“Should I go to the left where nothing is right or should I go right where nothing is left?” - Itachi Uchiha
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Howdy, I'm a 15 year old guy who loves to work on motorcycles and cars, play games, and most importantly love the one dearest to me (my girlfriend😁). I'm now just about 5'11 1/2". I do have some mental problems, but I don't let those stop me from pursuing my dreams and achieving my goals. I am actually very loving and caring although I tend to be a bit annoying every now and then (especially when something exiting is about to happen). I love most of my family although it does consist of quite a bit of meanies. I do cross-country and I have had my fair share of martial arts and boxing, so people know not to tick me off. I also watch anime!!!!!


I mow a bunch of yards for a summer job and it pays pretty dang well. Last summer I got just around $2000, so I think I'm good with that job until college. I work on old motorcycles and cars quite a lot. I usually post about them on my Instagram account for each separate vehicle. So far, I've fixed a '66 VW Beetle and '73 Honda CB500 motorcycle! Only the motorcycle is mine, the VW is my sisters car. The ones I'm working on now are a '72 Chevy Monte Carlo and a '67 Gilera 106cc! Both of these vehicles are soon to be mine. I find these two things being my main hobby I have in life.


I actually tend to love the small moments in life as well as some big things. I first obviously love my girlfriend with my whole heart and would never leave her for anyone. She is the most important person in my life (she's also Bunny🖤🎵 on here.) My favorite T.V. show is The Office and if you say otherwise, you're welcome to test your fate against my fighting. My favorite anime series is the Dragon Ball series, I actually got into this through my girlfriend and passed that on to my dad as well XD. My favorite movie has to be either Lilo and Stitch, any of the Conjuring series, or Gran Torino. My favorite car brand is probably Chevy. My favorite motorcycle brand is actually the old BMWs because of their sleek and different design. My favorite music genre is metal, hard rock, rock, indie, chill music, instrumental, some pop, country (I'm very picky about it though), and a very small amount of rap. My favorite colors are mainly black, blue, and red, butttttt if I had to chose two it would most likely be black and red.


I am obviously very tall for my age. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes in the winter and hazel eyes in the summer. I am pretty tan from how much I work outside. My hair is pretty long on the top and bangs, but it's kept a bit shorter on the back and sides.


I've done boxing for 1 1/2 years and a form of martial arts for 2 years, so if you mess with my Bunny🖤🎵, you'll feel the wrath of my fighting. Oh yeah, and I might or might not be engaged!!!! 😁 I'm definitely not gonna propose to her as soon as I can because I definitely don't know she's my own soul mate (yes, im using sarcasm)

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