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Deceptions : Creating Hell On Earth
Deceptions : Creating Hell On Earth

Deceptions : Creating Hell On Earth


Freely, Freely You Have Received

The Age Of Aquarius : Age Of Truth – Part Four

• Through creating hell for our whole world, the Corona virus tale at present has brought about a heavenly state for the pharma industry. And hell is the state that those who belong to the driving force behind the pandemic will be creating for themselves in one of their future lifetimes, when their deception returns to them. They, and our whole world with them, will then have to endure something similar to what’s happening now. The power of doing their share of preventing this is in the hands of every one of you, because love and thought are the two most powerful forces in the whole of Creation.

• Therefore, if you are working hand in hand with the Angels and Me, and keep on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers, with the passing of time you are sure to develop into an ever more formidable force. And each time these thoughts return to you, send them on their way, time and again. On every occasion their strength increases and as the Divine spark of the troublemakers is neglected and mal-nourished, it is hungry for every spark of light that comes its way. It is greedily absorbed and the more this happens, the better the person’s higher God or Christ nature can influence its earthly counterpart, to come to its senses and stop cheating and lying. Forgive them, for they are your spiritually younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind. They deserve your compassion, for they really do not know what they are doing, most of all to themselves and – unless you help them – what in due course will return to them and also inflict upon your whole world.

• The wisdom ‘those who laugh last, are laughing best’ is something that has grown quite naturally from humankind’s experiences of living on the earthly plane. The saying shows that the final winners in some of its contests are likely to have more glory than those who at the beginning think of themselves as the winners, but then – surprise, surprise! – in the end are the losers. This is what’s going to happen to the pharma industry. For the moment, it is still laughing big apples all the way to its shareholders’ bank accounts. When the truth fully emerges, which it will do soon, the rest of humankind will be laughing because it will then be ‘egg-on-face’ time for the people and institutions who, for the time being, are enjoying the monetary gains of the situation.

• The pharma industry in particular will realise that their present behaviour clearly reveals what kind of intentions have been behind the sale of most of its products, and that for a long time. This is of great benefit for you and your world because ever more of you are losing their faith in these products. As a result, increasing numbers of you are returning to natural healing methods and are reaching out for our helping hands and healing energies. They are available free of charge to anyone who tunes into our frequencies and asks for them. And the pharma industry will realise too late that the pandemic has been the rope on which it has been hanging itself.

• Freely, freely you now have received the truth about Me and some of My concepts. Now go in My name and tell those around you that it is the Great Father/Mother of all life, whose only born Son/Daughter is the Universal Christ spirit and its light. Tell them who and what they truly are; what kind of a relationship they have always had with Me and that the life that’s been given to each one of you is a good one, in spite of the fact that it presently does not look like this.

• Let them know that it’s in everybody’s own hands to steer the boat of their life in a direction that is more to their liking. To bring this about, the only thing anyone has to do is conducting their earthly existence in keeping with My Universal law of cause and effect or Karma. Not knowing about this law has brought about your world’s present state. Every one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, is a co-creator with Me. Your thoughts, words and actions are constantly occupied with creating something, whether you are as yet aware of it or not. Whatever is in your life now was created by none other than you. And this is how all of you together, hand in hand with the Angels and Me, even though you were unaware that this was happening, created your world’s present state. It happened earlier in this lifetime and in the course of countless previous ones. If that were not the case, you would not be here and had to take part in the pandemic.

• However, the knowledge of My Universal law of cause and effect is the instrument I am placing into everybody’s own hands. All of you are invited to make their contribution to transforming your world into an increasingly peaceful and harmonious place, with the help of the right kind of thoughts, words and actions. That’s the only way true and everlasting peace can come about that no-one will ever be able to disturb or take away.

• Tell My human children of the Earth that their planet is by no means destined to remain a valley of tears, lying and cheating, deception and corruption forever. Tell them to use the truth they finding here as their tool for doing better and how, each through their own efforts, needs to contribute to making Mother Earth into a place where everybody works for the good of the whole; where people support each other; where exploiting, lying and cheating, dishonesty and corruption have become things of the past and are no longer known.

• Astrology is a fortune-telling tool. Untrue! But it’s the finest instrument for getting to know yourself and your pathway through life, and also of those around you. The study of the Divine science helps your higher God or Christ nature to stir from its slumber, and with that you become kinder and more loving, tolerant and forgiving towards yourself and anyone you meet on the earthly plane.

Tell My children of the Earth that astrology is a wonderful instrument for helping them not only to discover but understand the truth about Me, their own true nature and the wise higher purpose every human being’s earthly existence has always served. Then ask them to share what they are finding here with as many as possible, but only if their inner guidance reacts to it with: ‘Yes, this is the truth!’ And because spiritual knowledge belongs to everybody and should not be sold to the highest bidders, that’s why all of it is coming your way free of charge.

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20 Feb, 2021
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