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Deep-Sea Diving
Deep-Sea Diving

Deep-Sea Diving

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The blue waters surrounding me seem to part as I brush through them. I can see all kinds of underwater life. The coral reef below me burst with color and all kinds of different species that swam to and fro. There seemed to be thousands in numbers, yet I couldn’t be sure. They swam by so fast, there was no counting them. The colors swarmed and danced, conflicting constantly with each other. It was truly a sight to behold.

But then the colors stopped dancing. They all tried to swim away, bumping into each other and brushing into me in the process. I was confused at first but then I saw what had caused all the commotion. My eyes grow wide when I spot a toothy shark who dives straight into the reef, sending colorful fish scattering. The reef begins to fall apart, its color fading fast. The shark continues to butt its head into the reef, even though it was already destroyed.

He then turns to look at me. I knew in an instant that he would charge at me next. I swiftly turn and begin swimming away, as fast as I possibly can. But I run head-first into another shark who looks down at me. It was huge, much bigger than the baby shark. It immediately reached down and snatched me, promptly bringing me to the surface.

I gasp in a big breath of air as my step-mom holds me in her arms above the water below us. Soon, my step-brother surfaces. He sighs and says, “Lilly won’t play with me, Mommy!”

“Now, Will,” she begins, making me question if she was the right actor to play the mother shark for my game. “Lilly doesn’t have to play with you if she doesn’t want to. Why don’t you go grab a water gun and start up a fight with your father?”

“Okay!” He smiles widely and crawls up the side of the pool. I watch him scamper off towards the shed where we keep our pool toys.

My step-mom sighs and shakes her head. Then she looks down at me and asks, “How about we go get some popsicles and avoid the battle?”

I smile and nod my head fiercely. A popsicle sounded great! I couldn’t wait to eat those new mango ones we got at the store yesterday.

She laughs and says, “Alright, then. She lets me fall back into the water and swim to the ladder on the side. I climb up, and she follows from behind. A soon as we’re both out of the pool, she takes my hand and leads me to the table where our towels sat, ready to be used. She drapes my pink hello-kitty towel around my shoulders. She wraps her own towel around her waist and we both head inside to get those pops.

When we come back, I’m licking mine like it’s an ice cream to show it off to Will. He’s busy squirting Dad, who’s laughing hysterically, but soon he looks over and sees me. I give him an evil smile and he cries, “I want one!” The water gun is dropped into the depths of the ocean and Will pulls his little body up, over the side of the pool. Then he runs over to my step-mom and begins begging for his own pop. He keeps pointing at me so I keep the same smug grin on my face so that she can see it.

She laughs and turns back to the table to grab him one from the box, which she brought out here with her. He jumps up and down as she unwraps it for him. Then, as soon as it’s in his grasp, he sticks his tongue out at me and runs over to the lounge chairs by the pool. I look back at my step-mom and she smiles at me, shaking her head to show that he’s a funny little boy. “Don’t worry,” she tells me, “you’ll get used to us.”

But I didn’t want to “get used” to them. I already loved them. They made Dad happy and they made me smile. I loved them as if they were my own family. No one could replace my mom but they had their own place in my life. It was different. She wasn’t my mom, but she was my step-mom. And Will was the same. I had never had anyone else to play with before, so I would have to “get used” to that. But I already loved Will on his own, without playing with me. I’d just have to make a little more room for him. Then, maybe, I’d let him play “deep-sea diving” with me.

Author Notes: Man, it's been a while-
Anyway, happy late mother's day, y'all!
I would've posted this sooner but my testing got in the way. Sorry for being so late qnq

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12 May, 2021
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