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By Kat - 3 Reviews

Pacing the room, I glared at the suspect. This guy had the whole detective agency's hands tied behind their backs. Everyone was confused, but tried not to let it show. Now it was just me and him. He sat on the metal bench, awaiting the repeated questioning, but I knew what he was going to say to all of the questions. He might have my colleagues hands tied, but I wasn't going to let that happen to me.
"Jon," I started, and he looked up, confused.
No one really used his name unless they were stating his criminal files - what he was expected to have of criminal files - or complaining to one another about the stubborn man.
"What do you have to hide?"
"What do you have to lose?" He asked, a knowing glint in his eye.
I sighed, sitting saddle-like on the bench. "Look, Jon," I said, clearly annoyed. "You obviously know what we have to lose, and I have to admit - you're hiding everything pretty well. But the games are over. Please, just please, answer me without the questions."
Jon looked to the concrete ceiling, setting his jaw. "Fine."
Partially relieved, I stood up again. "What is your full name?"
"Your middle name?" I asked, hiding my annoyance.
Jon looked me in the eye, and the color of them shocked me. They were such a dark blue they almost looked purple. Blinking, I stared back. He eventually sighed.
"Isaac," he said. "If I were able to ask a question, I would inquire about why you needed this information."
I smiled. "Good thing you can't ask questions, then,"
Jon rolled his eyes. "Can I ask one question?"
I was about to reluctantly nod, before a click came from the door. I turned around to find that my secretary was standing there, straight backed and holding a folder.
"We found his files!" She exclaimed.
I smiled to her, and looked back at Jon, unable to hide the smug look on my face. He paled for a moment before regaining his composure. Shrugging, he motioned for the secretary to bring them to me. My smile dipped down for a moment, but I accepted the file and looked through it.
When I looked up again, Jon was gone. The secretary was on the floor, and the door was wide open. Muttering to myself, I dropped the files and sprinted out the door.
My face was met with cold metal, my head pounding from the collision. A voice was speaking at my side, but I couldn't hear it. My eyes were squeezed shut. I curled into a tight ball, covering my head with my arms protectively. The voice sounded like it was trying to soothe me. I let a few tears slip out before I opened my eyes. I was still in the cell, but the metal door was shut and locked like it always was. My cellmate was leaning over me, mumbling words I didn't understand.
Ears buzzing, I pushed myself into a sitting position. After a while, my cellmate had stopped babbling and helped me get to the wall, where I propped my back up. The rough concrete bit into my back, but I ignored it.
"I did it again, didn't I?" I barely whispered.
The girl gave a small smile. "I tried to play along, but you took over. You've really hated that door recently,"
I tried to nod, but my head was throbbing like never before. Closing my eyes, I crawled into fatal position.
"I can call the guards,"
I shook my hand. "That didn't go so well last time."
My cellmate nodded and made her way to her bunk. I heard the creaking of the springs as she shifted her weight, but didn't move to get up. I couldn't believe it had happened again. This had to stop. Sighing, I let my head rest on the cool concrete floor. Maybe sleep wasn't so bad after all.

Author Notes: Should I continue? It probably doesn't sound finished.... should I make it into chapters? Thanks for supporting me this far! It's helped! ❤️ KP

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27 Jan, 2017
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3 mins
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