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Developing the Human Christ Nature
Developing the Human Christ Nature

Developing the Human Christ Nature


The Voice Of The Great Mother’s Wisdom Speaks

Part Two

Developing The Human Christ Nature

‘Through developing the highest aspect of your being, your Christ nature, each one of you in its own right is entitled to find redemption and salvation from the cruel and destructive demands of their lower earthly nature. That alone can bring the healing and peace, love and happiness all of you are dreaming of and are spending time on the Earth plane to seek. Nobody is exempt from the duty of developing this part of themselves. But this cannot happen until you stop searching on the outer level of life for someone to save and redeem you, especially Jesus.

‘The story of the Master’s life is but a legend. He is a symbol and the archetypal representation of everyone’s own higher nature. As a being that walked the Earth he could never have existed for the simple reason that the great plan of life decrees that there should only ever be one saviour and redeemer, namely everyone’s own Christ nature. This part of you has been waiting to come alive for long enough. Stop hesitating and procrastinating. The time is now for taking responsibility, looking within and bringing forth the best that is within you, for that is your Christ nature. It alone can act as your healer, saviour and redeemer. There is no-one who can do this work for you.

‘Take charge of every aspect of your nature and set yourself free by accepting that everything in your life was created by you. You are its creator and therefore the only one who can redeem it. The suffering you have endured for such a long time is your redemption. It has taught what it feels like when the cruelties you once inflicted upon others returned to you earlier in your present lifetime. Enduring what this brought to you has been your redemption. With this the time for you has come to start forgiving those who sinned against you and also to forgive yourself for setting the wheels of fate in motion.

‘That’s probably the most difficult task you ever had to carry out. Whenever you weaken in your determination to forgive, remind yourself of Mahatma Gandhi’s words: ‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’ Forgiving is the only thing that can free humankind’s vibrations from the downwards drag of the lower self’s desires for revenge and retribution. Until the energies you emit have been purified sufficiently, you will be unable to take part in lessons of a more elevated nature for the unfoldment of the higher aspects of your nature. Whenever you are stuck with anything, ask the Angels to show you the way. They are not allowed to do the work for you or interfere with your pathway through life, but they are always ready and willing to stand by anyone to grant the gift of their strength and courage. All you have to do is ask.

‘When you have healed yourself, you will be ready to share the light – the knowledge you have gained from your learning – with those who are still struggling the way you once did. It is through their own healing that wounded ones eventually transform themselves into healers and teachers, saviours and redeemers not only of themselves but of everybody. The spiritual development of each one of you is an essential part of your planet’s spiritualisation. When one of you is healing, your whole world is healing with you. Sharing your learning with those around you helps them to do the same for themselves and that’s how eventually each one of you turns into a saviour and redeemer of your whole world.

‘The Great Father is My counterpart whose thoughts can never go astray and because you are part of Him and Me, you can never get lost in the vastness of space and time either. Each human life comes into being as the result of a Divine thought and can be likened to a pebble that has been dropped into a still pool of water. Every one of your thoughts, words and actions bears the imprint of your own unique vibration that creates a ripple and the Universal law of cause and effect ensures that in the fullness of time each ripple returns to you, in one form or another.

‘All of you are part of the whole that is known in your world as God or the Universe. The earthly part of your being is limited and finite in time and space. It experiences itself through the world of your thoughts and feelings as something that is separate from the rest of humankind and all life. But this is merely part of the illusion of Earth life which was created to help you become aware that each one of you is an individual being. It is a false belief that for a long time keeps your spirit and soul imprisoned and tied to your earthly self’s responses to the will and wishes of your lower nature.

‘In that limited state of existence your ability to love is still restricted to those around you, but you are meant to expand your mental/spiritual horizons whilst walking the Earth. You need to free yourself of the yoke of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that abound there and which you too have been carrying around with you for far too long. Becoming aware that on the inner level all life is one awakens in you the desire to embrace with love and compassion all living creatures, the whole of your world and the rest of Creation.

‘The things I am telling you here are providing you with the key for unlocking the door of your inner prison. It’s entirely up to you whether you use it or not, but whatever you decide to do, know that you will always be loved beyond measure.’

As the dot on the ‘i’ of the above, the 4th July 2016 Monday Thought from the White Eagle Group of spirit guides landed in my inbox just when I was putting the finishing touches to this new part of my jottings. The following is the essence of its message: ‘Although for a long time during your earthly lifetimes it feels as if you were wandering in the wilderness, God never leaves you. The Universal Christ is the only born Son of the Great Father/Mother of all life. And the wisdom and truth of the Great Mother is the light that shines for each one of you by night and by day, always has done and forever will do. It illuminates your world as much today as it did in the days of ancient Egyptian mythology with the Isis and Osiris legend. Osiris represents the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the power and will of God the Father. Isis is His counterpart, the Goddess and Mother, the eternal fountain of wisdom truth. The light of the Christ Star radiates both these aspects into each one of you and your world.

‘The Christ Spirit says to you, now as it has ever done: ‘You are God and I am God. If you want to see God, look into the mirror. I am part of you and you are part of Me. I am the living God, the truth and the love within you. My coming alive in your heart resurrects your conscious awareness of the fact that you are an immortal and eternal being.’

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