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Digging For Gold
Digging For Gold

Digging For Gold


The Fall Of Humankind – Part Five

Digging For Gold

This is the continuation of messages from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘As pointed out earlier, every one of God’s creatures throughout the whole of Creation is loved and tenderly cared for by the Angelic hierarchy. This applies to all human beings, wherever they may find themselves at any given moment. And it does not make one iota of difference whether you are one of the highest and mightiest in one of the countries of your world or maybe just a gold digger on the Internet or anywhere else in your world or someone on the death row of Sing Sing.

‘If you were a digger who tries to extract money in deceitful ways from anyone who is gullible enough to fall for your sweet words and charms and swallow your tales, your success would depend on the Karma of your potential victims. God and the Angels guide you to the right ones. If someone did something similar to what you are doing now to those around them in previous lifetimes, with their help and will you are going to succeed with that person. The snag is that in one of your coming lifetimes somebody will have a go at you. The likelihood is that you will then have no idea whatsoever why something so unpleasant should be happening to you.

‘Encountering you is an essential part of your victim’s payment of their karmic debts brought over from previous lifetimes into this one. If this is not the case with one of the people you approach, we open their inner eyes and help them to recognise the intentions behind your advances. Yet, if someone is inexperienced enough to put their trust in a person they have never met personally and whom they do not know from Adam, they deserve what comes to them. Their own life’s experiences are going to teach them the invaluable lesson that, unless a somebody who enters their life has proved themselves as trustworthy in the course of many years, trusting them is a mistake. There is nothing wrong with making them. The most painful ones are never forgotten and therefore the best ones.

‘Everything that happens in your world is but a passing phase and part of someone’s life lessons and the balancing of their spiritual bank account. Nothing takes place perchance or is a coincidence. These things do not exist because all events are part of God’s plans of life, the great one for the development of the human race and the individual one for you and this particular lifetime. Should you be one of the before mentioned gold diggers of your world and you are reading this, the time may have come for the waking up of your spiritual nature from its slumbering state. In that case you are meant to start digging for gold that is much more precious than that which is available in earthly life and can be bought, sought and stolen. Golden nuggets of God’s sacred wisdom and truth are waiting to be discovered by you that will open the gates to your conscious awareness that you are an eternal being, who is part of God and can never die. No-one can or will take this kind of gold from you; it is yours forever.

‘Even though for a long time you were unaware of their presence, God and the Angels have always been with you, the same as everybody else. They are part of you and you are part of them. They could not leave you, even if they wanted to – not that they ever will. Because of this spiritually everything has to be for real and there is no point in faking or pretending anything. God and the Angels are the all-seeing eyes and all-hearing ears that swing into action when the time is right for the Universal laws to return to you the seeds that were sown by you, either earlier in your present lifetime or during previous ones. And that’s how in the fullness of time everybody receives their just desserts.

‘God and the Angels are constantly guiding and protecting each one of you against destroying the essence of your being, your spirit and soul. They have brought you to where you are now and it is they who have brought this to you. If you understand their message, reach out for them and ask for their assistance. It will never be denied to anyone. Upon request they are ready to show you ways how you, with the help of your own Christ Self, can redeem yourself and make good where previously you transgressed against those around you.

‘God and the Angels will never lead you astray or tell you something that is not true. They can be trusted implicitly. All you have to do is pay attention to what they are telling you through your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, about the next step on your journey of leaving behind the darkness of being ignorant of God’s true nature and your own. The knowledge they are waiting to bring to every human being is sure to cure all of them of the nonsense of fearing God. Once you understand who and what God really is, nothing will ever stop you from loving Him/Her with every fibre of your being.

‘As you know by now, all characteristics and powers that are in God are also in every human being, if for a long time in seed form only. Even though many to this day believe that you are fallen Angels of some kind, this is by no means the case. It is merely that every one of you has to work their own way through the various stages of their earthly education. Religions have been excellent instruments for teaching you about God’s nature and your own during the evolutionary phase of getting to know the lowest and most depraved desires of humankind’s crude and unevolved nature of the early stages of its development.

‘Everything that to this day is happening in your world is a demonstration of how some people somewhere are still exploring the whole gamut of experiences that humankind’s earthly education requires at various stages of their development. This means that the highest hopes and aspirations of your Christ nature as well as the lowest drives and urges of its earthly counterpart, have to be experienced by every human being sometime. Be of good cheer because a high and holy destiny awaits all of you, without exception.

‘We cannot begin to describe the power and glory of the highest levels of life and the Angels and Masters around the throne of God. They cannot be expressed in earthly words but the more you work with the vibrations of the Universal Christ, with the help of the Christ Star, the better you will be able to perceive what is happening in those realms. Earthly words and images cannot describe them. You begin to understand them when, with the help of the spiritual knowledge you are finding along the pathway of your earthly existence, the world of your feelings is enriched by love and goodwill towards the siblinghood of the whole of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with you.

‘The most vital lesson of your curriculum in the school of earthly life is the one that teaches you to appreciate the siblinghood with all life in the whole of Creation. There is no other way humankind can return to the full consciousness of its oneness with the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. For some time by now this has been unfolding through a great spiritual awakening that has been taking place on the Earth. This is constantly being speeded up by God and the Angels in charge of your world. The result is a rapid expansion of consciousness of the spiritual background of your present existence. ‘Peace on Earth and goodwill towards every form of life in the whole of Creation,’ is the Angelic message we are bringing you.

‘And as long as you keep on keeping on, everything will be well in the end.
We are with you, all the way – never doubt it.

With love – your spirit friends and helpers.’

* * *

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22 Jul, 2019
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6 mins
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