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Digging For Spiritual Gold
Digging For Spiritual Gold

Digging For Spiritual Gold


The Aquarian Revelations – Part Seven

Digging For Spiritual Gold

Let’s return to Sagittarius for a moment. Jupiter is the planetary ruler of this mutable Fire sign in which humankind’s super-conscious faculties are developed. The planet is a symbol for our direct connection with God which, as we know by now, has never been interrupted. Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac and its natural domain is the ninth house. Among many other things in both sign and house we are involved in higher education, especially in connection with the religions and philosophies. They also are the sign and house for long distance travelling on the earthly plane and the higher and eventually highest levels of the Universe.

Lifetimes in Sagittarius are filled with many opportunities for expanding our whole being, mentally and spiritually as well as physically. On the whole, Sagittarians are jovial and easy-going people who are at all times ready to widen our horizons through as many and varied consciousness expanding experiences as possible. They are the super-salespeople of the zodiac capable of selling ideas and goods with equal ease. On top of all that they are the best storytellers around who, whenever it suits them, do not allow the truth to interfere with the spinning of their yarns.

Sagittarians are also the showpeople of the zodiac. The belief systems of our world and their clergy are under the rulership of this sign. That is the fertile ground into which the seeds were planted for every new religion that appeared in our world. And because we are always allowed the freedom to make our own decisions, the organisations that developed around them could handle the inspiration that was given to them by God and the Angels as they saw fit. The scandals that for quite some time have been rocking the foundations of some of our religious institutions are clear evidence how they themselves turned the elevated positions they once occupied into ropes for hanging themselves. The decisions we earthlings are making at any given time shows the wise ones in charge of us the level of our spiritual awareness.

Bearing these things in mind, it’s not hard to see why to this day in many places in our world men can be found wearing long women’s robes when at work. Some of the garments that are worn are very colourful and through what these people are telling their audiences they are trying to convince them, against all common sense and reason, that every word of their tales is literally true. You better believe them, or . . . Well, that’s been the way of the past. Thanks be to God and the Angels that this sad chapter of our race’s development is drawing to its natural end and the old religions are moving over to make room for the new religion of the truth.

As mentioned in one of the previous chapters, since the creation of our world, the Christ Star has always been drawing it forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, towards Itself and into Its loving embrace. Naturally, this included humankind as soon as our race was first introduced. From that time onwards we and our world together have been progressing at the steady even pace of one zodiacal degree for every day of the year and by progression one degree per year. The great plan of life reveals this quite clearly. See the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

The initial phase of every human being’s earthly education has always consisted of becoming familiar with the negative qualities of each sign and house of the zodiac. That’s how their ruling planets are manifesting themselves in earthly life. Each through their own experiences in this way makes acquaintance with the lower and lowest aspects of humankind’s nature, including our own. The midpoint of this development has been reached when the Divine spark begins to stir from its slumbering state. Doubts about the credibility of the sacred texts of the religions of world then creep into our mind and eventually become so strong that they can no longer be shaken off.

It happens because we are in the process of leaving behind the gullibility of the early part of our earthly education. The pendulum of our inner being is in the process of swinging in the opposite direction. Our Highest Self then draws us towards developing the positive characteristics of the signs and houses in whose lessons we are taking part. When we can no longer connect with the sacred texts of the religions of our world and eventually begin to wonder whether there is any truth in any of them. Their words come across to us as threadbare and senseless, lacking the higher meaning that connects with and communicates with our spirit and soul. And then, as if perchance but not really, here and there information comes our way that activates our ability to think and with this our quest for the gold of spiritual wisdom and truth has begun.

And that takes us full circle to Sagittarius. For a better understanding of the purpose it fulfils in our lives it is necessary to take a look at Gemini, its polar opposite sign in the zodiac. Both signs and their houses are responsible for the development of our human earthly minds, each does this in its own unique way. In many of the legends of our world these two signs are represented as twins, for example Romulus and Remus as the founders of Rome. Gemini represents the mind of the lower twin, our earthly mind, and Sagittarius its Heavenly counterpart, the higher mind of our superconscious faculties.

At some stage of our development these two aspects of our nature need to be taught to work together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they are doing in our Creator. Only when these two aspects of our nature are no longer at loggerheads and are complementing each other instead, can we turn into one of the allegorical winged messengers of the Gods. The energies of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, Air and thoughts, together with Virgo, Earth, helping us to deal with the knowledge we are receiving from the highest levels of life so they can be used for the teaching and healing of humankind.

During lifetimes spent in Sagittarius or the ninth house, having reached a certain point on our road from spiritual childhood into maturity, our superconscious faculties begin to stir from their slumbering state. It reveals itself through a steadily growing interest in the higher aspects of life that can be found in the religions and philosophies of our world. Round and round the whole of the zodiac we move in the course of many such earthly sojourns. Each time we are taking part in the lessons of Sagittarius or the ninth house, our spiritual abilities develop some more and move further into the foreground of our consciousness.

There comes the time when we discover that the teachings of our religions, when taken literally are meaningless and superficial. We sense a lack of truth and spirituality that cannot satisfy the inner hunger and thirst we are now feeling for the higher realities of life. Somehow we know that there just has to be more to them than what’s before us. But what?

In the fullness of time, for all of us that questions eventually marks the start of a highly personal quest for truth. That’s why one fine day the thought comes to us intuitively: ‘How about looking at what might be hiding behind surface words and numbers of the sacred texts?’ As soon as one of us is seriously searching for truth, our inner guidance, the wise one or living God, takes over. Intuitively, we then discover our first golden nuggets of spiritual wisdom and truth. Clearly, they must always have been hiding where we found them, so why didn’t it occur to us to look for them earlier? Because our time of awakening had not yet come, that’s why for a long time we had no idea of their existence.

When you come to think of it, doesn’t it strike you as odd that in earthly life people expend a prodigious amount of effort grovelling in large holes in the ground to extract gold, only to re-consign over half of it to other subterranean caverns in the world’s banks? An alien observer would surely wonder about this. But unlike that kind of gold, which has to be left behind at the end of every earthly lifetime, the nuggets of spiritual truth that come our way will forever be ours. They will be accompanying us into all future lifetimes. Stored in our soul memories on the subconscious level of our being, they are going to help us cope more easily with whatever comes our way. This particular kind of gold is most certainly not meant to be kept for ourselves. It is for sharing with anyone who is ready to receive it.

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17 Apr, 2019
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