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Discriminating Between Good And Evil
Discriminating Between Good And Evil

Discriminating Between Good And Evil


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Ten

The most essential part of every human being’s earthly education is learning how to discriminate between good and evil. To enable us to tell the two aspects of humankind’s nature apart, each can only do this through their own experiences. First it is necessary to take part in creating evil, so that in the fullness of time it can return to us and we are on its receiving end. That’s the only way we can get to know both sides of any coin, and at the same time the debit and credit sides of our spiritual bankbook are balanced. Eventually we all reach the evolutionary point for transmuting that which is evil in us and our world into goodness. The darkness of our ignorance in this process changes into the light of God’s sacred wisdom and understanding.

This destiny is not merely for the selected few but for everybody. This is how, hand in hand with God and the Angels, we ourselves are going to bring the promised new Earth into being and the time for starting to do our share is NOW. There is no time to lose! By conducting our lives in more peaceful and harmonious ways, everybody is required to eventually make their contribution by bringing forth the best that is within them, i.e. the qualities of their Christ nature. That’s the only way humankind’s age-old dream of a world where people live together in harmony and peace can at last become a reality on our planet. Should you not know how to go about it, go within and ask God and the Angels to show you the way.

But it’s not necessary to reach as high as that for a better understanding of the nature of good and evil. Wisdom about it can be found everywhere. A long time ago I watched a film whose title I have forgotten, but not the message one tiny scene contained. In it, a disreputable looking young man encountered someone who was wailing about what one does in life and what life does to us. ‘What’s the matter with you?’ replied the young man. ‘Why are you making such a big deal of it, when life is so simple? If you do good things, then good things happen to you.’ That’s not only good and evil in a nutshell, but also the law of Karma. Life really is that simple!

Considering that every single one of the problems of our world is caused by evil words and deeds, one cannot help asking oneself: ‘Do we really need evil and will it be with us forever?’ The answer to this question is a definite ‘Yes!’ to the first part and ‘No!’ to the second. Good and evil are the Universe’s educational aids for teaching us, Its children of the Earth, to distinguish between these two polarities. In the final analysis evil is but a temporary appliance that slowly but surely eliminates itself in the natural course of events. It happens when ever more of us become aware of our true reality and learn to conduct our lives in harmony with the Universal laws of love, evolution and of Karma and reincarnation. Everything in the whole of Creation is subject to these laws.

Under the influence of these laws, evil will finally have run its course in our world when every last small earthly self succeeds in bringing forth, from within itself, its own Christ nature. The more our small self surrenders itself to its Highest or God Self, the more the latter takes over our whole being, the less strongly the downwards drag of the lower animal self is felt and the need for lessons of evil cease. The only experiences we then desire are good and wholesome ones.

Extract from ‘The Lord’s Prayer – A Healing Mantra for the Aquarian Age’:

Leave us not when we are in temptation,
But deliver us and our world from all evil.
Help us to uplift and transmute the greatest evil into the
Highest good and the greatest joy for all life,
In keeping with the will and wishes of Thy great plan.

Thou art the only one who knows what tests and trials my soul still needs to endure until the balance of my spiritual account has been restored to wipe out my failures and wrong-doings of previous lifetimes. I know that the obstacles I am still encountering are not punishments of some kind, but were created by my thoughts, words and actions of this lifetime and previous ones. I forgive myself for this and take responsibility for the things I am still struggling to resolve. I understand that any sickness of the human physical body and mind are indications of an underlying sickness of soul and spirit. Please help all of us to heal every aspect of our being.

In our capacity as aspiring healers and lightbringers, we are required to share the learning we are finding along the pathway of our present lifetime. Yet, there is a time for speaking and for remaining silent. As a general rule if they are unsure of what to contribute to a conversation, wise ones prefer to keep quiet, following the dictum: ‘If in doubt, don’t!’ People should never be forced to follow a certain line of thought or believe in a religion of any kind. Much more can be achieved by simply manifesting our love for someone by allowing them to be and get on with what they presently think of as true. In spite of the fact that we really do know better, shutting up is a finer demonstration of the spirit of love than anything else.

Because no words are spoken, this kind of approach is absorbed by people much more easily. God’s wisdom and truth is the light of our world and the right way of spreading it at this special time of transformation into the Aquarian Age, the age of truth, is by letting it shine from our innermost self and reveal itself in the way we are and behave. As long as our actions and our mode of speaking are wise and kind, most people quite naturally respond in positive ways. When questions are asked or someone says: ‘What do you think?’ it’s best to reply with what comes to us intuitively. Speaking is only necessary when our inner guidance tells us that it is likely to help someone. Apart from that, it is usually better to say nothing and listen. When someone is in need of it, we can afterwards send love from our heart to theirs. On the inner levels of life it then flows into them and helps them in this manner.

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16 Feb, 2020
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