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Dissolving Our Karmic Ties
Dissolving Our Karmic Ties

Dissolving Our Karmic Ties


Our Afflictions Are Not Ancestral Curses - Part Three

Dissolving Our Karmic Ties

Among many other things, the Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and group activities. But above all things it is the age of truth and the truth of the matter in hand here is that our earthly parents only play this part for the duration of one lifetime. The Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Great Light of the Universal Christ, is/are our true parents. We come through our earthly parents but we are not of them and we most certainly don’t belong to them. Nobody and nothing in earthly life belongs to one of us earthlings, and each one of us belongs to God. In our present existence everything is borrowed and a loan on time that in due course has to be returned to Mother Earth in as good condition as possible, so it can be recycled when it has lost its usefulness for us.

In the whole of Creation nothing is ever wasted or just frittered away, the way it is frequently done in earthly life. The former applies to our physical bodies, every cell and atom is recycled in some way independent of which method of disposal we choose. Our physical bodies are created by God and the Angels to serve us as a vehicle for getting around on our planet and that for one lifetime only. Our earthly parents did not create us, they merely were the instruments through which God and the Angels brought us into being. Spiritually blood ties are of no great significance when compared with the karmic bonds that are created by us in the course of many lifetimes. They are indestructible. Love and forgiveness are the only force that can dissolve the negative ones. Positive ones of friendship and love are ours to keep in all Eternity. They will never leave us and nothing can destroy or take them from us.

Every member of our family is as much part of our Karma as we are of theirs and the problems we created for ourselves and each other in previous lifetimes are the lessons that have to be tackled in this one by them and us, individually and as a group. Karmic ties are of an emotional nature that draws human beings together like powerful magnets, time and again. There can be no parting of the ways until each has learnt their lesson and solutions have been found for the outstanding issues between two people that may have kept them welded together like cast-iron chains over many lifetimes. Love and thought being the most powerful forces in the whole of Creation, the energies of loving, kind and forgiving words possess a special power of their own. They can bring healing to those who are wounded and in particular to human souls, the most wounded part of every one of us. This power can dissolve even the most difficult karmic ties that ever were created between two human beings.

Kind and loving thoughts, words and deeds are an essential part of developing our Christ nature which provides us with the Divine qualities of compassion, love and forgiveness. First and foremost we have to find them for ourselves and the suffering we created with the help of the thought and behaviour patterns of the past. Then we need to reach out to anyone who trespassed against us, earlier in this lifetime and all previous ones. Kind and loving thoughts and words enter our earthly mind quite naturally after the truth about our true nature, the spiritual background of our existence and that the cause of everything that is presently troubling us was created by us has sunk into our consciousness. We then no longer have any difficulties understanding that it was for wise educational reasons that this kind of knowledge had to remain hidden from our earthly self for such a long time.

Until the final phase of our development has been reached, our Karmic debts are going to keep us firmly fastened to the wheel of our earthly existence. One lifetime after another we then find ourselves either at the giving or the receiving end of one of the many lessons that is compulsory for every human being in the school of earthly life. Our attitude towards our existence and with it our thinking and behaviour patterns need to change. This alone can finally bring the otherwise endless repetition of the Karmic cycles to its natural conclusion. And we are the only one who can change our character, no-one can do the work this requires for us, just the same as nobody can save and redeem us, except we ourselves.

Without being aware of it, we have always been in charge of building ourselves an earthly personality, and the direction in which our destiny flows at any given times lies in everybody’s own hands, but only partially. God and the Angels are in charge of us and they are the admiralty that steers the boat of our life through all its lessons, the highest and the lowest alike. The story that a saviour and redeemer will appear in our world and free us from our sins is only partly a myth and a legend. The God-man Jesus is a symbolism for the Divine spark of everybody’s own Christ nature who for a long time slumbers in every human heart, waiting to come alive and be born.

The tale of the saviour and redeemer was given to our world by God and the Angels, so that during the early stages of our earthly education, we would explore without inhibitions the lower and lowest drives and urges of our small self. That way, no matter now low we had to fall in the course of our lessons, we would feel safe because if we just said we believed in Jesus – whether we did or did not was irrelevant – the Master would take all our sins upon Him and wipe ours away. With a waving of his magic wand all our sins would disappear. He would save those who believed in him and take them to his heart in paradise, while those who refused to follow him had to fry in the fires of hell in all Eternity.

Oh yes, that too has been part of the boundless love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother and the Angels, who have always been providing for the true needs of every one of us. That’s how, each one of us through their own experiences, has always been offered sufficient opportunities for experiencing the whole gamut of human behaviour during our learning curve as physical beings. Starting at the lowest point each one of us, guided and protected by the wise ones in charge of us, slowly has to work their way up the evolutionary spiral of earthly life. When we have reached its highest point, Earth life can teach us no more and there will be no need for further lifetimes here. We are then allowed to continue our studies on the higher and eventually the highest levels of life. That’s how the wisdom of the Highest allows each one of us to learn from their own experiences what good and evil is and what’s right or wrong for us in any given moment. There is no substitute for direct knowledge, so we don’t have to take anyone’s word for these things.

And if, after having imbibed this part of my jottings, you are yearning to free yourself from your afflictions, ask God and the Angels to show you how to go about it. Then let’s keep on keeping on, because just when we think we can go no more, that could be the moment when our Karma allows the reward of a miracle to happen to us. And the learning we have gained from our healing journey is meant to be shared with as many as possible of anyone who is in need of it and spiritually enough awake to understand how in this way they too can work on bringing about a miracle.

Immer wenn du denkst es geht nicht mehr,
Kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her.

Just when you think you’ve got no more fight,
Out of the darkness appears a light.

German Folk Wisdom
Translated by Aquarius

* * *

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18 Dec, 2018
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7 mins
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