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It isn’t the things we do, my Friend,
It’s those that are left undone,
That cause us most heartache,
At the setting of the Sun.

The tender words forgotten,
The letters we didn’t write,
The flowers we did not send
Become haunting ghosts at night.

The stones we could have lifted
Out of another’s way.
The words of heart-felt counsel
We didn’t take time to say.

The loving touch of a hand,
The warm and gentle tone,
We neither had time nor thought for,
Having troubles enough of our own.

The little acts of kindness,
That so easily slip from one’s mind
Are the only chances of acting like Angels
We poor mortals find.

They come in night and silence,
Those sad, reproachful wraiths,
When hope is faint and flagging,
And a chill is falling on our faith.

Earth life is all too short, my Friend,
And this world’s sorrows are too great,
To put up with a slow compassion
That tarries, until it’s too late.

That’s why it isn’t the thing we do,
But those that are left undone
That give us most of the heartache,
At the setting of the Sun.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

The best news of all is that the development of every human being eventually reaches the point of finding out that everybody has their very own inner guidance of the wise one or living God within. This aspect of humankind’s nature is part of everything that exists in the whole of Creation, therefore also our world and whatever is taking part in it. That’s why our inner guidance knows the answer to any question we may ever care to ask about anything. This is the only truly reliable and trustworthy teacher or guru who exists in the whole of Creation. No outside forces are part of it. That’s why whenever we are in doubt about anything that comes before us, turning inwards instead of outwards is the only sensible way of reacting, especially during these trying time.

This is the built-in lie-detector which every human being has the birthright of developing, when we have reached the right level of spiritual awareness. Whenever we then ask whether what is coming our way is true or not, the reply comes us to intuitively through our feeling world. Somehow we just know whether something is right or wrong, true or false. And if something feels right and true, then that’s what it is for us – even though it may not be for anyone else in the world around us. This is a very special gift which, in the fullness of time, needs to be developed by every human being who has reached a certain point of education in the earthly school of life.

Updated January 2022

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21 Jan, 2022
Read Time
2 mins
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