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Do Not Be Afraid!
Do Not Be Afraid!

Do Not Be Afraid!


Love : The New World Order – Part Four

It’s up to the older and more experienced spirit/souls in your midst to assist their younger siblings in the great family of humankind with finding a better understanding of the higher purpose that every human being’s earthly existence serves. The pharma industry all along has been the driving force behind present outbreak of mass hysteria, just like those of the bird and the swine flu of previous your. Your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers are employed and paid by them. And having learnt from their ‘mistakes’ of the past, this industry is once more dreaming of exploiting your world’s resources and ruling it through fear.

This dream is but a left-over from the patriarchal times. It is most certainly not going to find fulfilment, now that the age of truth is with you. But whatever one of you wishes and dreams of with their whole being, the Angels are willing to make it come true. They are the only ones who can do this and it may come about in two ways. The first one is as a well deserved reward for past efforts. And the second one is for the teaching of an important lesson that the dreamers are in need of, to bring them down to the realities of their earthly existence. That’s why we advise you to be careful about what you wish for and dream of, as it could be fulfilled in an unexpectedly unpleasant manner. And this is what soon is going to happen to the pharma industry.

The time has come when even the last and slowest human beings need to wake up to the fact that nothing in the whole of Creation ever happens against the will and wishes of God and the Angels and is beyond their reach. God’s great evolutionary plan for your world decrees that in the age truth, ever more you will become aware that love and thought are the two supreme powers of the Universal Forces. By now their energies have become sufficiently powerful in your world to absorb the last remnants of darkness and evil that are still troubling it.

We, your spirit friends and helpers, are grateful that ever more of you are doing your share of assisting these Divine efforts through sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to all troublemakers and scaremongers who are interfering with your world’s wellbeing and survival. Rest assured that they will and cannot win, because what they are doing is not in keeping with the Divine will and wishes for humankind’s developmental progress.

Whatever still has to happen because of redeeming outstanding karmic debts, do not be afraid. Open wide your inner doors to your own God or Christ nature and the knowledge that we are with you and forever will be, all the way. If you ask that we show you how to go about anything, that’s what we are willing to do without fail. Every human being has the birthright of being assisted by us, in any kind of situation that may arise. For a long time, we have been waiting to guide all of you on the road home into the conscious awareness of your own higher nature and natural inner connectedness with God and Angels, and everybody else on the lower levels of the spirit realm, that cannot be taken away by anybody or anything.

For as long as we are needed, we shall continue to show the way. Yes, even to those who do not yet know that no help from us can come to them unless it is asked for. We are guiding and protecting them nonetheless, the same as we have always done with everybody on their march home into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and their own. We are aware that each can only do this in their own sweet manner and when the time is right for them. It’s just that if you ask for our help, we can get you there much more smoothly and quickly.

The roads we are taking you are more direct because you are sure that what you are doing is right. Everybody else can only find out by trial and error and that means making more mistakes. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you learn something on each occasion. All we can then do is stand by and support them, unseen in the background, when in their spiritual ignorance they are creating ever more karmic debts that will have to be redeemed, later in this lifetime or a future one.

Karmic debts are your responsibility because you are their creator. Although we cannot remove them for you, we can certainly assist with avoiding to accumulate new ones on the road of becoming aware that every human in truth is a young God in the making. During your earthly lifetimes every one of you is attending the first part of their apprenticeship. The ultimate aim of your earthly education is that you should evolve, in the course of many lifetimes as a physical being, into a Christed one in your own right.

At a certain point of every earthly self’s development, the Divine spark within them has absorbed a sufficient amount of the Universal Christ’s light to beneficially influence its lower counterpart. Sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to your world’s troublemakers does not only increase their inner light, as explained in previous chapters of the Aquarian writings, but also your own. That’s why we advise you to keep on sending as many thoughts of this nature as possible into the Universe. The more one of the sparks grows in strength, the more that person’s Christ nature gains the upper hand over the drives and urges of its lower earthly counterpart. They no longer appeal and are quite naturally left behind in favour of developing the Christ nature’s characteristics.

And that’s how all lower earthly personalities, in the course of many lifetimes of believing that they are nothing more than physical beings, slowly but surely bleed to death. Every human being’s higher God or Christ nature eventually moves into the foreground of its earthly counterpart and begins to take over from the lower earthly self’s drives and urges, which once were its supreme ruler. Jesus bleeding to death on the cross represents this process. Every human being, in the course of its long evolutionary journey, takes part in this development as soon as their time for doing so has come.

The cross is the oldest symbolism for life on the earthly plane that’s known to humankind. This is because the physical body fastens every one of you firmly to this existence, until the purpose of any given lifetime has been fulfilled. Only then are you allowed to leave that plane and go home for some rest and recuperation with us. And that’s the case a) as soon as you, through your earthly lessons, have grown sufficiently in wisdom and understanding of yourself and the world around you; and b) when a certain amount of your karmic debts has been attended to and redeemed by you. Together with the wise ones in charge of you, you agreed to do these things during your most recent stay in our realm.

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13 Jan, 2021
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