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Do Not Look For Scapegoats
Do Not Look For Scapegoats

Do Not Look For Scapegoats


Our Afflictions Are Not Ancestral Curses

Part Two

Do Not Look For Scapegoats

As a spark of the Divine, every characteristic and power that is in our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is also in us. Because of this, just like them we are constantly in the process of creating something. This happens with every thought one of us thinks and each word we utter. And when it comes to the things, people and conditions that are causing us most trouble and heartache in our present lifetime, let’s not waste our time on scapegoats and blaming others, especially not God and the Angels or any other unknown force who does not seem to wish us well. It is better by far to take a good and honest look at ourselves, for we ourselves have created these things at some stage of our development.

Don’t be discouraged by this because with the help and will of God and the Angels crooked corners can be made straight and every condition of mind and body, spirit and soul healed. As soon as our Karma allows it, a miracle can be worked by them, but only then. This is a healing journey like there never has been one before and accepting the responsibility for the character make-up of our earthly self and the karmic debts we accrued, with its help in the course of many lifetimes, is the first and most essential step we need to take. And when we shoulder our responsibilities bravely and do our best to restore the balance of our spiritual bankbook, the Highest Forces of life are glad to do the rest. When their conditions have been fulfilled, they then reward us with what on the surface of our earthly existence appears to be a miracle but was merely the result of our work in co-operation with the Angels in charge of our development.

There are no shortcuts on this road, which for some of us can be a painful and protracted one. But if we wish to find healing for our afflictions, whatever their nature may be, honesty and truth are the only things that can help us move forward and upwards on our own individual evolutionary spiral and that of our world. Finding this kind of healing is every human being’s birthright and for each one of us there comes the time when the Divine spirit wakes from its slumber and we slowly become aware that in truth we are a young God in the making. As with the passing of time our Christ nature unfolds, we increasingly look at our own suffering and that of our whole world with compassion and love. The only thing we then want to do is making some kind of contribution towards alleviating and bringing it to its natural end.

The set of parents and siblings the Universe in its great wisdom provided for us for the lessons of every earthly sojourn each time were carefully chosen by the wise ones in charge of us in the world of light, long before we emerged into the next one. We agreed with their suggestions because on the one hand the people were willing to act as our parents. On the other hand their energies, as well as those of the environment we were going to be born into, were compatible with the learning requirements of each. This included that on every occasion the lessons of our future parents were similar to ours. These things are true even if we came through a long family line of alcohol and/or drug addicts, manic depressives or any other kind of affliction.

Let no-one run away with false ideas about the connections every human being has with their forebears and that they have anything to do with the way we are, our thinking and behaviour patterns and everything that is coming our way in the course of our present lifetime. We alone carry the full responsibility for every one of our character traces and afflictions, be they of a mental, physical or spiritual nature. And even though it may often seem as if we had inherited agreeable and disagreeable characteristics, difficulties and limitations, as well as gifts and talents from those through whom we came into this life, every part of it was created by us and is our own doing.

No-one other than we ourselves should either be blamed or take credit for anything. The cross was by no means invented by Christianity. Even though it features strongly in this religion, the cross is the most ancient symbol for our earthly existence known to humankind. And every human being has to carry theirs on their own shoulders in the form of the earthly personality each one of us created ourselves us in the course of many lifetimes. We brought it with us into the present one with the intention of improving it and nobody can do the work this involves for us. And that’s how the Universal law of evolution from the earliest beginnings of humankind’s existence has always affected us, individually and collectively.

It is not surprising that some of the characteristics we have in common with our ancestors show up in our genes, as otherwise we could not have come through them. In particular this applies to our parents who were chosen because they are exactly right for the state of our development at the beginning of this lifetime. They agreed to this arrangement and so did we, a long time ago in the world of spirit. They declared their willingness to be there for us and do their best to support us, in their own inimitable way – sometimes in a positive manner and on other occasions in negative ones – so we would be able to take possession of our strengths and build up on them some more, whilst trying to convert our weaknesses into strengths. If we wish to recognise what our strengths and weaknesses are, it’s essential to look at ourselves with utter honesty.

And when that has been done successfully and we accept the responsibility for the way we are, we longer feel the need to fool ourselves and make up excuses like: ‘Ah yes, you see I can’t help myself. I am this way because my Father and Mother, Granddad and Grandma and so forth made everybody’s life a misery with their drug and/or alcohol addiction/over-eating/violent temper/ gambling/ manic depressiveness/squandering their resources and acting the spendthrift and so forth – the list is endless. Because of the teaching effect these things have on each new generation, negative characteristics frequently seem to jump a generation. For as long as we do not yet understand the processes of life, to our greatest chagrin they seem to reappear in some of our grandchildren or great-grandchildren and not in others. In quiet moments of reflection we could then be asking ourselves: ‘Why has my child or grandchild inherited them, when they have passed me and the others by? How can this be?’

These things happen because a dual purpose of a wise higher nature is fulfilled through the effect unpleasant behaviour patterns of one generation have onto the next one(s). First, the suffering that has to be endured at the hands of the older generation redeems some of the karmic debts of the younger one. Second, and this is even more valuable, through their behaviour the older is showing the younger how it does NOT want to be. And that’s how the Universe in its boundless wisdom and love provides us with an entire lifetime of avoiding to fall into the trap of acting out what we see as the weaknesses of others, whilst transforming them into strengths. The world around us acts like a mirror that reflects our inner being back to us and we can only recognise in others what we ourselves have within. Therefore, when someone’s behaviour draws our attention for good and bad alike, we can rest assured that the same is also in us. Otherwise there would be no need for that person having entered our orbit.

To assist us on our personal evolutionary journey of life, for as long as the residues of difficult behaviour patterns remain in our subconscious, they will continue to manifest themselves time and again in the conduct of those around us and keep on bothering us. The end of this tribulation is near when at last we realise that our world acts like a mirror the Universal Forces are constantly holding in front of everybody’s eyes. And even if we are unable to recognise the challenging aspects of someone else’s personality in our own behaviour, for as long it is troubling us we can rely on it that they are there. If they were not, they would not affect us the way they are doing.

Unless we bravely and honestly tackle this issue in our present lifetime, we shall continue to take the negative thinking patterns that are the root of our behaviour problems with us into all future lifetimes. Until they have been changed into positive ones, they are likely to continue to cause us a great deal of discomfort at the hands of those around us. These things cannot disappear on their own as if someone was waving a magical wand. To shed the unfavourable character traits we observe in others once and for all, we first have to accept that they are also part of us. This moves them into our conscious awareness from where they can be transformed in pleasant one.

The holding of the mirror before us never was intended to be some kind of punishment. All along it has been the Universe’s way of trying to provide us with as many opportunities as possible for cleansing our consciousness of every trace of our lower earthly nature. When the characteristics that once used to disturb us deeply in others have been released from our consciousness, they no longer upset us unduly when we see them in the mannerisms of others. We can then shrug our shoulders and accept them as part of life’s rich pattern and someone else’s learning experience that fortunately no longer is ours. Smilingly, though not smugly I hope, we can watch them and say to ourselves: ‘Ah yes! Thanks be to God and the Angels that it’s their task now to work on this, their lesson and responsibility, not mine.’

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17 Dec, 2018
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